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Feedback from WAES Apprentices

Yasin Mahmood
City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma for the Business Administrator
Apprenticeship with Westminster City Council

Before my apprenticeship I was working at my local library as an IT support worker. I wanted a different direction and wanted to get into the public sector such as the council to further develop my project management and IT skills.

I have learnt so much during my time at Westminster City Council as I was balancing the job duties of managing recruitment campaigns and regeneration projects with going to college at WAES, where I learned how to use various administration and project tools, as well as how to be an effective communicator and problem solver.

I have developed into a strong administrator as I learnt how to manage my time through self-development trackers as well as project tools to manage time such as ‘clockify’ when working on council regeneration projects. I learnt how to be more confident as Westminster City Council has a vast array of training opportunities, such as public speaking courses and google analytics training. I have enjoyed meeting new people and being able to join apprenticeship networking groups and employee network groups which has helped me to integrate well into the council and also learn and shadow other departments within the council. I would recommend anyone to study with WAES as they have reliable and resilient tutors, which helped me to achieve great success.




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