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Art qualification courses

Study a qualification course to gain a comprehensive understanding of the broad areas of visual art as well as a qualification that will prepare you for further study. It will give you the perfect guided exploration of your skills and help to develop your practical technique.


Painting and Drawing Level 3 Certificate

Next Starts: 03/10/2018
This one year course is designed to give you the inspiration, skills and creative direction that will enable you to develop your art practice at an advanced level. Leading to a level 3 Certificate in Art and Design this is the ideal follow on course from intermediate level study (including the WAES level 2 Certificate in Drawing and Painting). The level 3 certificate will focus on studying, in depth, the concepts and skills required for drawing and painting. In addition to this students will be introduced to wider fine art practices, including printmaking, and you will be encouraged to develop ideas and practices according to your own interests and personal direction.
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Painting and Drawing Level 1 Award

Next Starts: 18/01/2019
This enjoyable and intensive course will introduce learners to the basic skills, materials and techniques of painting and drawing in an exciting and accessible way. It is ideal for beginners, or those who would like a refresher experience. This course also serves as an excellent introduction to the programme of accredited courses in the Visual Arts area, and a great starting point for personal creative development.
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Painting and Drawing Level 2 Certificate

Next Starts: 01/10/2018
This course is designed to inspire and enthuse learners by providing a broad knowledge of the skills and methods of drawing and painting at intermediate level. This one year accredited course leads to a level 2 certificate in Art and Design. It is the ideal step for learners who have completed a beginner’s course, such as the WAES Level 1 in drawing and painting, or other equivalent non accredited courses. This course is suitable for the enthusiast or for those who would like to develop a career in fine art, or creative design. You will learn through careful tuition and structured projects the creative and technical skills in a range of drawing and painting media. Over the course of one year you will build an individual portfolio of work, reflecting your artistic skills and personal direction. You will be guided in your progression whether it is in further study or working independently.
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