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Business and Management courses

Administrators are vital for businesses in the modern world and the skills you learn can be transferred into just about any career field. These courses will develop your digital and business skills to prepare you for work in a range of environments. We will help you gain confidence in your professional skills, including both written and verbal communication, digital skills, solving problems and being an independent learner. It will be necessary for you to continue to work towards other qualifications, particularly in English and maths, but you will also practice English and maths skills within these qualifications.

The Level 1 qualification is the starting point to working in business administration and customer service environments, which could include offices and shops. And the Level 2 qualification will equip you to work in as a Business Administrator in a range of businesses and can lead to further career development in office management, logistics, marketing and HR. You will learn how to use your organisational and digital skills to support business functions such as using the Microsoft Office suite to produce documents, manage diaries, record meetings, order supplies and support others.

In addition to the professional skills you learn, we will also help you to develop your interview skills and learn how to apply for suitable jobs. You will take part in a variety of practical assessments that will make you highly employable.

Qualification courses and courses at intermediate or advanced level require guidance or an interview prior to enrolment. Click 'Enquire now' on the course details page or call 020 7297 7297.

Entry 3 Award in Business and Retail

The content of the course is intended to provide learners with an introduction to the business and retail sector, equipping learners with knowledge specific to the sector alongside a range of transferable employability skills. The course is designed to support progression to further learning and ultimately to work in business and administration or other related sectors.
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