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Ceramics qualification courses

Join us in our state of the art studios for an accredited course in ceramics. Gain a professional, well-rounded understanding of pottery as well as a qualification. Perfect for those interested in pursuing a career or further study in creative arts.

Qualification courses and courses at intermediate or advanced level require guidance or an interview prior to enrolment.

Get specialist advice on the right course

Qualification courses and courses at intermediate or advanced level require guidance or an interview prior to enrolment.

How to enrol

  • Select your preferred course and then click on the Availability & Booking tab
  • Decide on your preferred start date and click on the 'Apply' button next to the course details
  • On the online application system, you will need to create a registration by clicking on 'Create an Account' or log in if you already have an account
  • Once you have completed your online application, you will be able to select an interview date.

If you are having problems with the application system, or need advice and guidance, please click 'Enquire now' on the course details page or call 020 7297 7297. You can also email us on


Level 1 UAL Diploma in Art, Design and Media (Ceramics)

The level 1 diploma is for those who have an interest in 3D design in ceramics and pottery and who want to learn practical skills and techniques to produce ceramic outcomes. You will learn the basic skills and knowledge essentials to the practice of ceramics including surface decoration and finishing. By incorporating research you will encouraged to be experimental with 3D forms, as well as develop ceramic products. The course allows you to learn effective communication skills vital to the work of a ceramic artist. You will use your everyday environments, such as museums and galleries, both virtual and real, to collect and research ideas, which will inform your creative response.
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Level 2 UAL Diploma in Art and Design (Ceramics)

The Level 2 Diploma is for those who want to build on their skills and knowledge to further develop and explore their creativity and technical knowledge in the area of ceramics. You will refine and continue to enhance your skills in a way that will enable you to practically respond to challenges and issues that motivate you. You will explore a wide range of techniques, continually experimenting with these to push the boundaries of your work to produce highly individual creative responses. You will develop your critical evaluative skills, evolving your interests and direction as a ceramic artist. Through reflection, critiques and collaborative learning you will be able to build your profile and identity as a ceramicist. And by working creatively as a team you will engage in exhibition curation and production, both online and in the physical space. Virtual and real time visits to museums, galleries and exhibitions will strengthen your research skills and inform your practice.
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Level 3 UAL Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication (Ceramics)

This course is designed to inspire and develop skills in your ceramic practice at an advanced level with a view to you progressing to your own professional practice. At the heart of the course is expert tuition in a specialist studio environment exploring techniques of both functional and non-functional ceramics. This course encourages you to be experimental and think in different ways about ceramics, not just from a materials perspective, but also how the changing world around us impacts how we make and respond to our creative practice. Your will further develop skills in hand-building, wheel throwing, surface decoration and specialist techniques according to your own interests and personal direction, as well as enhancing techniques of reflection and evaluation. The course will broaden your confidence in your creative ability, encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and have the courage of your convictions in your concepts, visual communication and approaches.Alongside these practical skills, you will also develop your responsibility as a ceramicist and gain an awareness of the role you play as a creative practitioner in society. Understanding the roles, career and enterprise opportunities in the industry is also a focus of the course.
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