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Childcare qualification courses

Learn how to support, promote positive behaviour and safeguard babies, children and young adults throughout their development. Gain a highly employable qualification at Westminster’s adult college that can take you down many different career paths.

Qualification courses and courses at intermediate or advanced level require guidance or an interview prior to enrolment. Click 'Enquire now' on the course details page or call 020 7297 7297.

CACHE Introduction to Early Years Education and Care Level 2 Certificate

Next Starts: 20/09/2018
This course will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children and young people. It will enable you to assess and support child development and understand how to safeguard children. You will learn about legislations, policies and procedures that influence the childcare provision and ways of implementing them in your practice. You will research the meaning of Inclusion, Equality and Diversity and will learn how to implement these concepts while working with children and young people. The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills of supporting positive behaviour in children and young people. In addition you will learn essential skills and knowledge in gaining employment.
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Diploma in Caring for Children

Next Starts: 19/09/2018
This qualification provides an opportunity to study a range of topics from five main areas: Safeguarding, The importance of play, Food and nutrition, sensory awareness and the value of play.
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Level 1 Award in Skills for Childcare

Next Starts: 18/01/2019
The content of the course encourages an understanding of the knowledge and the skills needed to care for young children. It helps you to understand how children grow, learn and develop and ways of supporting them. The course also supports students in developing literacy and numeracy.
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