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Children learn better when their parents and grown-ups get involved. When grown-ups at home echo what the teachers are saying in school, learning becomes deeper and broader. Our family learning courses promote the joy of learning together, they will help you understand the school curriculum and update your knowledge on how children learn and develop. Together, you can raise your children’s attainment and help them on their exciting learning journey.

WAES offers a range of workshops, many of which are free.

Learn practical skills or engage in fun activities. There is something for everyone here.


Upcoming Courses:


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Everyday English for Parents New to the UK (EAL)

For parents beginning to learn English as an additional language. Learn target vocabulary to help you settle into London. Practise applying language structures useful in everyday life, for example in school and at the medical centre. The course will be taught by an EAL specialist teacher who has 20 years' experience. The course content is flexible according to learners' level and experience. For parents of children in Primary school and younger. A series of three workshops.
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How to support your child at school - a practical guide to the U.K school system

For families beginning to learn English as an additional language. Parents will learn English words and expressions particularly relevant to the school setting, and how the English school system works. This will help them communicate with their children's school and support their children's learning especially with homework. The course will be taught by an EAL specialist with 20 years’ experience. Two workshops over two weeks.
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Read and spell in English with confidence using phonics

Phonics with confidence! Learn the more complex phonics rules and their exceptions, develop confidence with the terminology, know how to break down words to read them and to build up words to spell them. With support available for Arabic, Spanish and French speakers but ALL are welcome. A series of four online workshops. This course is for learners who know a little about phonics already but who want to develop their reading and spelling skills.
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Yoga for mothers and daughters

This is an online yoga class. Come and enjoy sharing this time together and get you body fitter at the same time. Bring your auntie and grandmother too or just come by yourself. Yoga for mothers and daughters is an online yoga class for women and girls only.
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