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Children learn better when their parents and grown-ups get involved. When grown-ups at home echo what the teachers are saying in school, learning becomes deeper and broader. Our family learning courses promote the joy of learning together, they will help you understand the school curriculum and update your knowledge on how children learn and develop. Together, you can raise your children’s attainment and help them on their exciting learning journey.

WAES offers a range of workshops, many of which are free.

Learn practical skills or engage in fun activities. There is something for everyone here.


Upcoming Courses:


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Homework surgery

Next Starts: 12/05/2021
An after school homework club for families with children in KS2 and KS3. This is a drop in class where your specialist EAL tutor can help you set up good homework habits in your home and help you understand what the homework is asking you to do. Bring your homework, your projects and your questions along to the online session.
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Journey around the globe with folk tales

Next Starts: 14/05/2021
Four workshops for parents that support learning about world folk tales and stories. Theses workshops will help to create a diverse understanding of the multitude of lands, cultures, places and people in the world. Including a variety of stories that have an oral or told tradition for parents to tell their children.  Thus creating a wonderful tapestry of difference and diversity for their children’s understanding of the world in which their imaginations can thrive.
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Out and About part 1 - online workshop exploring your neighbourhood and beyond

Next Starts: 13/07/2021
A chance to discover the many learning opportunities and enjoyable excursions in our neighbourhoods as well as exploring further afield - visiting parks, museums and galleries in London. Parents will develop confidence and knowhow to plan and carry out trips by public transport and increase their confidence in travelling and exploring London with their children. They will also learn how to make the most of these trips to enrich their children’s learning beyond the classroom.
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Read and spell in English with confidence using phonics

Next Starts: 19/05/2021
Phonics with confidence! Learn the more complex phonics rules and their exceptions, develop confidence with the terminology, know how to break down words to read them and to build up words to spell them. With support available for Arabic, Spanish and French speakers but ALL are welcome. A series of four workshops. This course is for learners who know a little about phonics already but who want to develop their reading and spelling skills
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Digital Family Quiz for Westminster Families

Next Starts: 19/06/2021
Your Digital Family is a quiz event that is hosted online. As well as testing tech knowledge, the quiz encourages families to share more experiences and improve their communication around the digital world. In doing so, it helps close the gap between young people and their parents. This quiz is FREE and there are great prizes to be won and free gifts for early bird enrolment.
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