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Children learn better when their parents and grown-ups get involved. When grown-ups at home echo what the teachers are saying in school, learning becomes deeper and broader. Our family learning courses promote the joy of learning together, they will help you understand the school curriculum and update your knowledge on how children learn and develop. Together, you can raise your children’s attainment and help them on their exciting learning journey.

WAES offers a range of workshops, many of which are free.

Learn practical skills or engage in fun activities. There is something for everyone here.


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Books as windows and mirrors to our diverse world

Next Starts: 04/11/2021
Free parent workshop on the transformative power of books. Learn how empowering it is for a child to read about people from their own culture and people who have similar experiences that they can relate to; discover how to choose the best books to help your child expand their knowledge, and their potential, by learning about the experiences of others.
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Early years maths

Next Starts: 06/10/2021
For parents of children in Nursery and Reception. Understand the foundations needed to help your child grow into a good mathematician. Explore how maths is all around us in our daily lives. Discover maths activities and games that can be played and practised in any space and with very few resources required. Learn how you can help your child learn. This is one of three FREE ONLINE workshops.
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Everyday English for parents new to the UK (EAL)

Next Starts: 04/10/2021
For parents beginning to learn English as an additional language. Learn target vocabulary to help you settle into London. Practise applying language structures useful in everyday life, for example in school and at the medical centre. The course will be taught by an EAL specialist teacher who has 20 years' experience. The course content is flexible according to learners' level and experience. For parents of children in Primary school and younger. A series of three workshops.
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Homework surgery

Next Starts: 21/02/2022
An after school homework club for families with children in KS2 and KS3. This is a drop in class where your specialist EAL tutor can help you set up good homework habits in your home and help you understand what the homework is asking you to do. Bring your homework, your projects and your questions along to the online session.
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How do children learn to read?

Next Starts: 14/10/2021
Learn how to how to develop your child's reading skills, nurture a love of books and maximise the impact of story time with your child. Parents will need a device such as smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer. For parents of children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. A series of 3 workshops over 3 weeks.
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How to Support your child in school - a practical guide to UK schooling for parents

Next Starts: 12/10/2021
For families beginning to learn English as an additional language. Parents will learn English words and expressions particularly relevant to the school setting, and how the English school system works. This will help them communicate with their children's school and support their children's learning especially with homework. The course will be taught by an EAL specialist with 20 years� experience. Two workshops over two weeks.
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Maths in KS1

Next Starts: 17/11/2021
For parents of children in Year 1 and 2. This is the time children begin to learn key principles of maths that will be the building blocks to their understanding all through their maths education. Learn how to help your children become confident and flexible thinkers who enjoy investigating number. We will explore the key areas of maths they are learning in school and how this may differ to our own schooling. This is part of a series of three FREE ONLINE workshops.
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Maths in Year 2 and 3

Next Starts: 19/01/2022
Year 2 and 3 are important years for children when they develop their learning about the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. What are the strategies they learn in school? Why do they learn so many different strategies? What are the key facts they should know by heart? What are the tricks and shortcuts? Three workshops, online.
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Out and About - online workshop exploring your neighbourhood and beyond

Next Starts: 03/02/2022
A chance to discover the many learning opportunities and enjoyable excursions in our neighbourhoods as well as exploring further afield - visiting parks, museums and galleries in London. Parents will develop confidence to plan trips by public transport exploring London with their children. They will also learn how to make the most of these trips to enrich their children�s learning beyond the classroom. Online.
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Phonics in school - How to Support Your Child

Next Starts: 11/11/2021
Learn how to support your child learn phonics. How do they learn in school and how can you motivate your child with fun and quick daily activities. You will need access to a screen: smartphone, laptop or tablet. For parents of children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1, whose children are starting to learn phonics, or for older children who are finding phonics challenging. This is one of 3 online workshops.
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Read and spell in English with confidence using phonics

Next Starts: 01/11/2021
Phonics with confidence! Learn the more complex phonics rules and their exceptions, develop confidence with the terminology, know how to break down words to read them and to build up words to spell them. With support available for Arabic, Spanish and French speakers but ALL are welcome. A series of four online workshops. This course is for learners who know a little about phonics already but who want to develop their reading and spelling skills.
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Summer reading Challenge 1

Next Starts: 25/06/2022
Parent workshop with practical tips on how to ready your child for the reading challenge! Sessions with strategies on how to help them get excited about reading, find books they love and share their ideas on what they read with reviews and reading diaries.
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Summer reading Challenge 2

Next Starts: 02/07/2022
Parent workshop with practical tips on how to ready your child for the reading challenge! Sessions with strategies on how to help them get excited about reading, find books they love and share their ideas on what they read with reviews and reading diaries.
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Transition to secondary School

Next Starts: 14/08/2021
For parents of children at the end of Year 6. Parent workshop with guidance on how you and your child can successfully make the transition from primary to secondary school. The sessions will cover a range of topics on managing the changes in things like homework, transport, navigating big school corridors, feeling lost, mobile phones, and friendships.
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Mindfulness for families

Next Starts: 26/09/2021
This ONLINE mindfulness workshop introduces children and parents to a gentle and simple Mindfulness technique. It builds confidence, self-reliance and self-worth in children and parents alike. We start with a short Mindfulness inner journey that introduces them to the Animal of their Heart. The children then draw and share their animals. This gives each child a positive inner guide where they can go to when they feel stressed or worried.
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Talking, munching sock puppets

Next Starts: 02/06/2022
Create a talking animal sock puppet using just an odd sock and found materials from around the home. Learn how to bring this magical creature to life and entertain your family with your new friend. This enchanting workshop is led by the wonderful artist and puppeteer Tinka Slavicek.
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Yoga for mothers and daughters

Next Starts: 02/10/2021
Come and enjoy sharing this time together and get you body fitter at the same time. Bring your auntie and grandmother too or just come by yourself. Yoga for mothers and daughters is an online yoga class for women and girls only.
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