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A World in a Suitcase

A World in a Suitcase (AWIASC), an innovative mixed media visual storytelling project inspires people from diverse communities to take a fresh look at their 'Worlds' through sharing stories, art, photography, paper collage and film. A Suitcase as a container represents a 'World' filled with emotions and stories about home, childhood, future dreams or other times and places in people’s life. The aim of this project is to foster closer relations, understanding, empathy and tolerance between communities thereby helping to counteract isolation and loneliness.


Cardinal Hume Centre

Offering learning and employment opportunities to people aged 16+ from the local community who want to improve their skills and employability in order to live more fulfilling lives, and to participate fully in the community at large. Opportunities are provided through ESOL classes (from beginner to upper intermediate), ESOL for unaccompanied asylum seeking children (16+), Digital inclusion, 1-2-1 tuition and open access sessions, employment, training and education advice and guidance.


Home Start

Home-Start supports families living in Westminster who have at least 1 child under 5 or a baby on the way. Through a network of trained and DBS checked volunteers, who are either parents themselves or who possess relevant experience, we support parents and children who are experiencing a variety of difficulties including: social isolation, illness, disability, post-natal depression and bereavement. Our volunteers provide non-judgemental practical and emotional support to families, enabling and encouraging them to make positive change in their lives.


Learning Unlimited

Learning Unlimited is a not-for-profit social enterprise that specialises in adult and family learning, ESOL and integration, literacy, numeracy and teacher education. We believe in learning as empowerment and engage adults and families in local communities who face a wide range of issues and barriers to social inclusion. We also train the volunteers and professionals who work with and support them. We lead on local, national and international projects, develop and publish books and resources, and do a wide variety of consultancy work.


London Chinese Community Centre

The Centre was founded in 1980 and was the first Chinese Community Centre in the UK. It was pioneered by Dr Abraham Lue. Dr Lue was a volunteer teacher at the Chinese Language School in Euston. He realised there was a growing demand and need for support services for the Chinese Community when parents used to come to him for advice and ask for his assistance in translating letters from schools, councils and doctors. Within its first year the Centre received almost 1,000 requests for support with people coming from as far as Scotland. To date it has helped over 50,000 people by providing advice and assistance and is seen as a valuable service and resource for many of the Chinese Community in London and beyond.

The London Chinese Community Centre has always striven to preserve and promote Chinese culture, arts and identity, whilst helping the community to better integrate into the mainstream UK community. As a result the Centre is one of the busiest in Europe, even attracting several Royal visits, most recently in 2008 when HRH Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall witnessed the good work and support we provide to the community on a daily basis.


Union Dance

Union Dance Trust is a London BAME educational charity and professional arts company that promotes cultural solidarity through Arts and Education, connecting people with the best of arts and culture.


West End Community Trust

The West End Community Trust are a small local charity based in Soho that seeks to reduce isolation and build community relationships among residents in Soho and the wider West End. They stage monthly community suppers, visit and keep in touch with those who are housebound, and hold regular Smartphone Workshops.


Your Story

The aim of the project is to give people confidence and skills to manage their money more effectively and become more financially competent.

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