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Free volunteering workshops in Westminster

Westminster Adult Education Service, in conjunction with One Westminster and Grand Junction Paddington, is offering a series of classes for people interested in volunteering.

All classes will be online via Zoom.

If you would like to give something back to the community, this class will help you understand the basic principles of volunteering.

The course will focus on developing your understanding of the key principles and some of the ideas and practices underlying working as a volunteer in various organisations and it will give you information about volunteering opportunities available to you.


Dates Times Course Codes
11/10/2021 12pm to 2pm GI0004WV
15/11/2021 12pm to 2pm GI0048GJ
17/01/2022 12pm to 2pm GI0053GJ
28/02/2022 12pm to 2pm GI0042WV
28/03/2022 12pm to 2pm GI0060GJ
16/05/2022 12pm to 2pm GI0005WV
27/06/2022 12pm to 2pm GI0006WV


How to enrol:

Contact us at



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