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WAES offers a range of workshops, many of which are free.

Learn practical skills or engage in fun activities. There is something for everyone here.

Digital and Smartphone workshop

Next Starts: 02/11/2020
A drop-in session for those who need help getting the most out of their smartphone or any other technology. No need to book- just bring your device.
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Chinese Banquet (online)

Next Starts: 25/11/2020
In this online workshop, learn about the delights of Chinese cuisine to make a mouthwatering meal catering for vegans and non-vegans alike.
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Cooking on Budget (online)

Next Starts: 18/11/2020
Save money and time by learning about batch cooking, using budget ingredients that make your meals go further without compromising on taste.
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Curry in a Hurry (online)

Next Starts: 20/01/2021
Learn how to cook a delicious curry in next-to-no time. The workshop will cover Thai, Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines in both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options.
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Study Skills

Next Starts: 16/01/2021
Learn how to organise and take notes effectively, use the internet for self-study, and develop academic skills to get the most out of your course.
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Vegetable Gardening Tips

Next Starts: 05/05/2021
Learn how to grow your own vegetables from seed successfully in a community garden with gardening tips from our expert.
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Writing for Wellbeing (online))

Next Starts: 28/10/2020
Writing a daily journal, poetry, letters and practice creative writing to promote your creativity and expression. Try one of the writing exercises in the class to enhance your well being.
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