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English courses

A full range of courses in Westminster to help you improve your English skills suitable for all levels.

Learn valuable reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that can be used in the workplace or in everyday life.

View details of our courses by clicking on the details below. Learners for all English courses must complete an assessment before enrolling on our courses. 

If you need help with the application process, please visit our Enrolment page or call us on 020 7297 7297.


Entry Level Functional Skills - English

Next Starts: 13/09/2021
This entry level 3 course, is designed to help you improve your practical English skills. You will be able to apply the skills learnt in everyday life, both at home and in the workplace.
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GCSE English

Next Starts: 16/09/2021
GCSE English Language - you will develop the skills of analysing, evaluating and comparing English texts in order to deepen your understanding of how language is used to inform, persuade, entertain and provoke reflection. The texts read will include 19th century literature as well as 20th and 21st century non-fiction texts. You will write fiction and non-fiction to demonstrate your ability to use vocabulary, punctuation and style in a way that is appropriate and interesting for your audience.
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Level 1 Functional Skills - English

Next Starts: 13/09/2021
Level 1 Functional Skills English will improve your confidence and ability to read and write English in every day life and in the workplace through practise with relevant tasks. You will also practise the use of spoken English suitable for professional or formal situations.
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Level 1 Preparation for GCSE - English

Next Starts: 17/09/2021
This course is a progression program available to support individuals who have recently finished the full level 1 Functional Skill in English and wish to move on to our English GCSE program.
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