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Course Information

Our Beginner ESOL classes(Entry Level 1) are taught in central London. Courses look at topics related to living and working in Britain and are designed for those who need to be able to speak and understand English at home or at work.

If you are settling or living in England, your first language is not English and you want to improve your listening, speaking and learn basic grammar then these courses are for you.

Is this the right ESOL class for you?

For Beginner (Entry Level 1) language classes you should already be able to understand some English and write very basic information. On this course, you will improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. You will also learn basic grammar, develop vocabulary and use a simple dictionary.

At this level, of course, you will take nationally recognised exams covering reading, writing, listening and speaking. Your teacher will decide when you are ready to take the ESOL exam.


Entry Level 1 Beginners ESOL (Speaking and Listening)

This course is suitable if you speak a little English and can use the alphabet. The main focus of this course is on improving your listening and speaking skills. You will be able to obtain information from simple verbal communication, be able to speak English to communicate, be able to convey information and be able to engage in discussion with others.
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Entry Level 1 Beginners ESOL (Writing)

During this course you will improve your skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening and be able to apply these skills in everyday life, including in the workplace. You will take an exam at Entry Level 3 and will receive a recognised certificate.
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Entry Level 3 Intermediate ESOL Progression

This course is suitable if you already speak and write everyday English. It covers the four language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, although the main focus is on improving your reading and writing skills.
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