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Fashion qualification courses

Learn new techniques and skills to gain experience in clothing design and production. Gain a qualification that can help develop a career in the fashion industry or pursue further study in fashion.

Qualification courses and courses at intermediate or advanced level require guidance or an interview prior to enrolment. Please complete your application online and select a time to for your interview. If you are having difficulty with the application, please call 020 7297 7297.


Level 1 UAL Diploma in Art, Design and Media (Fashion)

Next Starts: More dates to follow
The level 1 diploma is for those who want to understand the basic fundamentals of the creative process in fashion and textile design. The course will help nurture your creative talents by teaching you how to experiment, take risks and produce new fashion or textile based ideas. The course allows you to explore your own creative strengths, what inspires you, and how to effectively communicate your ideas. You will use your everyday environments and the wealth of places of interest, such as museums and galleries, both virtual and real, to collect and research ideas which will inform your design work.
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Level 2 UAL Diploma in Art, Design and Media (Fashion)

Next Starts: More dates to follow
The level 2 diploma is for those who want to build on their skills and knowledge to further develop and explore their creativity in the area of creative fashion realisation. You will refine and continue to enhance your skills in a way that will enable you to respond to today's challenges in the creative fashion and textiles sector. You will develop practical skills related to garment construction and realisation and understand the variety of media in which to present and communicate your work.Virtual and real time visits to museums and galleries and fashion retail stores will strengthen your research skills and inform your design thinking.
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