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Entry to the Public Sector – September 2020

This is a 3-week employability programme aimed at people who have no experience of working within the Public Sector and wish to find employment within this sector.

Feedback from learners who have completed the programme:

"Thank you for this opportunity and a big thank you to Jackie for all the help. It has been a great experience."
Helena Ferramacho

"It was a very good experience and time well spent, because of this course it has given me the opportunity to develop my technical knowledge and also understand the public sector which will allow me to apply for job opportunities I may not have been able to before."
Julien Gokool-Mely

"I would like the say thank you for the opportunity to learn about the public sector and open up my range of possibilities when looking for jobs in this sector."
David Guzman

"I found the course very interesting and motivational course."
Savina Bandini


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