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Italian courses

Italian is spoken as a native language by around 60-70 million people worldwide, with another 40-50 million speaking it as an additional language. It is the official language of Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City, and it is also one of the official languages of Switzerland.

The Language has historically been dominant in areas such as food, architecture, music and literature, so there are many items of vocabulary in these domains which have their roots in Italian.

Most of our short courses can be booked online and you do not need any assessment to join. Look out for the 'Enrol on this course' button on the course details page. You can also come in person to our centres to enrol.

Courses run regularly and you can enrol at any point during the term. This means you have complete flexibility as there will always be a course for you during the academic year. It also means if your circumstances change, you can freeze your enrolment and start again when you are ready, as long as it is within the same academic year. The minimum enrolment is for one session and the maximum is 10 depending on the length of the course. So, if you are unsure about the commitment, just pay for one session to see if it is right for you! The fees shown are what you would pay for the entire term. If you want to pay for a shorter period, call our information line on 020 7297 7297 or come and register in person at Lisson Grove or Pimlico.



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