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Choux Buns and Eclairs

Choux Buns and Eclairs

27/04/2019 - 27/04/2019
10:00 - 16:00
Day of the week: Saturday
Max. Cost: £85
Remaining places: Yes

Dates options:
27/04/2019 - 27/04/2019
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Course: Choux Buns and Eclairs Code: FW0049LG
Days of the week: Saturday No. of sessions: 1
Location: Lisson Grove Centre Places available: Yes
Fee: £85 Concessionary rate: £85.00

What is the course about?

Would you like to learn how to make choux buns and eclairs? Well this is the course for you.You will make these choux products and then fill them with cream or a pastry cream and then dip them in chocolate. These techniques that have been learnt can be used to help you gain employment to work with a local baker, work in in an independent café or it could be something that you may wish to make and sell privately to the public.

Is a pre-enrolment interview or assessment required for this course?


What level is the course and do I require particular skills, experience or prior qualifications?

This course is open to all candidates of all abilities. However, if you are an absolute beginner you will be most welcome as you will be taught how to make these items.

What topics does the course cover?

Topics covered include good practice of kitchen hygiene, general health and safety. Personal safety, full covered shoes not sandals, long hair tied back and wearing an apron. The course will cover how to make the choux pastry which will require two cooking processes. You will be taught how to measure up the eclairs evenly, glaze and bake them. You will also be shown how to make the ‘French pastry cream’ and how to top the éclair with chocolate.

How will I be taught and assessed?

First a demonstration will be given followed by students carrying out the tasks. Continual support and guidance will be provided throughout the session.

Are there any other costs or equipment I need to get?

Yes there are. You will also need to bring containers, so that you can take your food home securely. Bring a large tin for the eclairs and the choux buns. A ream of cling film and greaseproof paper is also recommended. An apron and Tea - towels.

By the end of the course what should I be able to do?

This course will give you confidence to reproduce these items competently, on a regular basis.

What are the progression opportunities following this course?

If you have enjoyed this course then you will enjoy the other variety cookery courses that are on offer at the WAES website.

Date Day Time Sessions Venue Price Availability
27/04/2019 - 27/04/2019 Saturday 10:00 - 16:00 1 Lisson Grove Centre £85 enrol now full

Lisson Grove Centre

Tube: Marylebone, Edgware Road, St. John's Wood

Buses: 6, 16, 98, 139, 189, 332, 414, DF2

219 Lisson Grove

t: 020 7297 7297


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