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Entry Level 2 Pre-intermediate Entry Level 2 (Speaking and Listening)

Entry Level 2 Pre-intermediate Entry Level 2 (Speaking and Listening)

TBC 2122 Apply Now
Day of the week: TBC
Max. Cost: TBC
Remaining places: Yes

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TBC 2122 Apply Now
Time: TBC
Course: Entry Level 2 Pre-intermediate Entry Level 2 (Speaking and Listening) Code: ES0087AM
Days of the week: TBC No. of sessions: TBC
Location: TBC Places available: Yes
Fee: TBC Concessionary rate: TBC

What is the course about?

This course is suitable if you already speak and write everyday English. It covers the four language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, although the main focus is on improving your reading and writing skills.

Is a pre-enrolment interview or assessment required for this course?

Yes, please contact our customer services before enrolling.

What level is the course and do I require particular skills, experience or prior qualifications?

This is an entry level 2 course. Before you can enrol, you will need to have an interview with one of our initial assessors to make sure the course is suitable for you. If you already study with us, your current tutor will help you enrol.

What topics does the course cover?

Achieve a level of attainment in English which is appropriate to your needs. Use language confidently at a level to function in school or college, at work or in society in general. Engage in learning which is relevant to you and will provide opportunities to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life. Achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

How will I be taught and assessed?

The course is delivered mainly online with some classroom learning. You will be expected to do homework regularly and will make use of our Virtual Learning Environment (Teams). You will take nationally recognised exams in reading and writing.

Are there any other costs or equipment I need to get?

Pens, pencils and writing paper. A folder to keep all your course materials. You will also need access to a computer.An English dictionary - your teacher can give advice and suggestions.

By the end of the course what should I be able to do?

On this course you will improve your ability to trace main events in short straightforward text, use language features to work out meaning in short straightforward text and understand the meaning of words in short straightforward text. You will use features of text to identify the purpose of short straightforward text. You will obtain relevant information from short straightforward text and images. You will be able to use first placed letters to order words alphabetically. You will present information in an appropriate format for the intended audience, construct simple and compound sentences correctly, use adjectives correctly, use punctuation correctly, use upper and lower case letters correctly and spell words correctly. You will be able to record personal details in a form correctly.

What are the progression opportunities following this course?

Your teacher will advise you on the best next course for you, but perhaps ESOL Pre-Intermediate Speaking and Listening.

Date Day Time Sessions Venue Price Availability
TBC 2122 Apply Now TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC apply full





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