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Level 4 Award in the IQA of Assessment Processes and Practice

Level 4 Award in the IQA of Assessment Processes and Practice

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Course overview

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Level 4 Award in the IQA of Assessment Processes and Practice
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What is the course about?

This qualification provides learners with an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and skills needed when carrying out internal quality assurance activities.

Is a pre-enrolment interview or assessment required for this course?

Yes, please contact our customer services before enrolling.

What level is the course and do I require particular skills, experience or prior qualifications?

This is a Level 4 course, therefore, learners will need to have English Level 2 writing, speaking and Listening skills and Maths Level 2 or GCSE English or Maths to undertake this qualification. Additionally, you should have good digital IT skills. You must also have occupational competence in the area you plan to IQA i.e. experience. You will also need access to two Assessor candidates to IQA as this is a practical qualification. You will need to have an interview with the Team before you are enrolled. Please note - The length of time to complete this course will depend upon your experience and if you have assessors in place with candidates ready to be assessed.Unit one can be completed in 3 months. Unit two may take longer e.g., 6 - 9 months.

What topics does the course cover?

It will cover all aspects of the IQA process: What is IQA, what is Evidence, Evidence Terms, The IQA role and responsibilities, Planning IQA activity, Evidence collection and IQA activity, Types of evidence and IQA, Risks Involved in IQA procedure, Contribution of technology, Internal and External Verification. There are 2 units in the qualification: Unit 1 Understanding the principles and practices of internally assuring the quality of assessment. (5 assignments)Unit 2 Internally assure the quality of assessment – practical unit

How will I be taught and assessed?

This course is blended learning with on-line learning through Teams and some classroom activities where possible. You will gain the knowledge by attending the on-line sessions and then apply the skills in the vocational context in which you are IQAing. You will produce an e-portfolio of evidence that proves your ability and competence. You will also be assessed on your competency by having direct observation and professional discussion with an experienced and qualified assessor. Unit 1 is assessed through 5 written assignments. Unit 2 is assessed through practical observation and evidence of you carrying out IQA activity of 2 candidates in a vocational context.

Are there any other costs or equipment I need to get?

This course is usually full cost which means you may need to pay a fees for this qualification. This will be dependent on your personal circumstances and will be discussed at enrolment. You will need access to a home computer or laptop and a reliable internet source. Using a memory stick to store information can be advantageous. The cost stated for this course is for candidates working in London and the home counties. If you work outside of this area, please enquire, as it would incur additional charges.

By the end of the course what should I be able to do?

This qualification provides you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out internal quality assurance in a vocational context e.g. work based learning and college environments. Roles this qualification will prepare you for Internal Quality Assurer, Quality Coordinator. You will have working knowledge of the legislation, policies and procedures that are required by the OFSTED inspection. The course will have developed your ICT and research skills.

What are the progression opportunities following this course?

This qualification can lead to progression on to the Level 3/ Level 4 Education & training qualifications.


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