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Ceramics classes in London at WAES

Westminster Adult Education Services offers some of London's best ceramics courses and facilities. Offering part-time courses during the daytime, evening and weekends, WAES students can study towards a qualification or purely for leisure in the heart of London.

We offer short courses as well as qualification courses at WAES, many suitable for beginners.

  • Our inspiring and spacious new ceramics and pottery workshop facilities include state-of-the-art kilns and 16 pottery wheels
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience in a supportive setting.
  • Get the confidence and independence needed to improve your career prospects and achieve personal and professional goals. 

Learn professional methods and techniques used in the trade

Techniques taught by WAES qualified and professional tutors include wheel-throwing, figurative sculpture, glazing and surface decoration, with some of these being the focus of our short courses. Learn how to produce exquisite pots, vases, bowls, plates, cups, dishes and even tiles.

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For course enquiries or for further information please call our hotline number 020 7297 7297 or e-mail

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 Anna Silverton

WAES Ceramics course leader

With 25 years in the industry and artwork that’s been featured in everything from the Financial Times to Elle Decoration, Anna Silverton has been bringing her unique flair to the WAES ceramics department for over 10 years. 

“I aim for perfection through a constant process of review and reflection,” Anna told us. “My passion is wheel throwing. I like to interrupt and repeat  rhythmic wheel-thrown structures, to make shapes with fresh and precise profiles. I also love working in porcelain with all the pleasures and challenges it brings.”

She has built up an impressive portfolio of experiences spanning both the UK and the US, with a BA in Camberwell School of Arts, an MA at The Royal College of Art, a teaching fellowship at Syracuse University and a string of exhibitions and commission across London and the UK.

“Environment has an important effect on my work,” Anna said. “I didn’t start wheel-throwing until I went to America. I felt I had the freedom to experiment there.”

Recently, Anna has had an Open House Event as part of the Dulwich Festival and in August she completed a commission for a restaurant in Munich. Although her creative work brings its own rewards, Anna finds teaching to be one of the most enjoyable parts of her career. “It constantly challenges me,” Anna told us. “I love my students at WAES.” 

Our ceramics workshsop features state-of the-art kilns and 16 pottery wheels so that every student has the resources required to gain practical, hands-on experience with the support of expert tutors and technicians. All Material costs are included in the cost of WAES ceramics and pottery courses, including clay, firing and glazes.

Ceramics workshop

The ceramics workshop at Lisson Grove is a spacious, open plan environment for up to 16 students to work at once. Features include:
  • 16 pottery wheels
  • Hot box for fast drying of work
  • Wet back spray booth for spraying glazes and slips
  • Multiple worktop/workbench areas
  • 3 large kilns (new in 2012)
  • Mix of glazes
  • Smart screen technology for interactive lessons
  • Huge range of materials for learners
A WAES pottery student gets to groups with one of the wheels
At the wheel: a WAES student using the Lisson Grove facilities
Exhibition visitors admire WAES students' ceramics and pottery creations

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WAES hears how Ceramics student Maria Do Carmo Riezzo uses her creations to break down the language barrier as she prepared to exhibit her work at Perspectives, the 2013 WAES summer arts exhibition.

 Ceramics student Maria Do Carmo Riezzo perfect her art at the wheel

How did you begin with this area of study?

When I came over from Brazil I couldn’t speak any English. I saw a ceramics exhibition of past students’ work and was amazed by it. I asked how it was done and recommended WAES for pottery courses. She told me that the College could help with my English as well, which was fortunate!

I really found that through ceramics and my art I could express what I struggled to say in English – the language still isn’t easy for me but I am improving.

Tell us about your work on display at the Perspectives exhibition.

The piece is Goat vase (below, left) – look and you will see it has birds on its back – in Brazil on a hot day the goats will be around the lakes drinking and the birds will sit on the goats back.

“I really found that through ceramics and my art I could express what I struggled to say in English”

What is your proudest moment

I would say that my proudest moment was winning my WAES learner award last month (May 2013). It has motivated me to pursue my art as a profession and sell pieces while learning even more at the College. My dream is to be able to be able to benefit the needy through the sale of my creation. I’m thankful that my work is on display at this exhibition – I feel blessed that people can see it.

How have your life experiences influenced your work?

I am originally from a town a few hours outside of Salvador in Brazil where I worked for a long time as a maid – I never thought of myself as creative but my mother always was.

The inspiration for my work is my home town where I grew up in Brazil – the mountains, the lakes and the animals – particularly animals interacting with the exotic beautiful landscapes that I remember from my childhood.

 'Goat vase', featured ceramics piece by student Maria Do Carmo Riezzo      Ceramic vases by WAES student Maria Do Carmo Riezzo

Perspectives Exhibition

Maria's pottery work was featured at Perspectives, this year's WAES summer arts exhibition at the Mall galleries, SW1, from 17 to 22 June. Find out more

Choose the right course for you

Click a category on the left to browse our range of courses or contact us from the next steps tab, above.


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