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Ceramics classes in London

Westminster Adult Education Services offers some of London's best ceramics courses and facilities at our Lisson Grove campus. Courses take place during the daytime, evening and at weekends.

We offer short courses as well as qualification courses at WAES, many of which are suitable for beginners.

  • Our inspiring and spacious ceramics and pottery workshop facilities include state-of-the-art kilns and equipment
  • You can gain practical, hands-on experience in a supportive setting
  • Our course offer includes qualification programmes and courses suitable for leisure learning
  • Gain the confidence and independence needed to improve your career prospects and achieve personal and professional goals.

Learn professional methods and techniques used in the trade

Techniques taught by WAES' qualified and professional tutors include wheel-throwing, figurative sculpture, glazing and surface decoration. Learn how to produce exquisite pots, vases, bowls, plates, cups, dishes and even tiles.

Ceramics 2023

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For course enquiries or for further information please call our hotline, number: 020 7297 7297 or e-mail

Craig Fowler

WAES Ceramics Course Leader

Born and raised on the West Coast of Scotland, I changed career half way through life due to a life-changing illness. In a real case of silver linings, this led to my first explorations into art and the field of ceramics, which I studied at WAES for over 10 years.

I started my own journey at WAES taking a series of community classes by way of an NHS vocational service that then led me to taking mainstream courses at WAES. I started with a level 1, progressing through a level 2 and then level 3 course and then spent many years taking a variety of advanced project development courses at WAES, building my skills and knowledge. I went back into the community to teach, via the NHS, at the vocational centre I started out at, completing a variety of commissions with learners there. After completing a formal teacher training qualification I returned to WAES to teach as a tutor on our main site. I have since taught at a variety of other London Adult Education colleges and I have taught at WAES since 2009, becoming Course Leader for Ceramics in 2017. I feel I am tangible proof that starting out on a community-based course or a level 1 in any subject can lead directly to a real and fulfilling career of your choice. I was able to do this through the tremendous support I was given on my journey at WAES.

In my own art work, I work predominantly in stoneware and now craft mostly by wheel-throwing, yet often still incorporate elements of hand-building by accentuating the distortions in my faceted vessels. My work is focussed on form and surface. Throwing is so dynamic, but also encompasses the serene. This is also my experience of my childhood on the western coast of Scotland - dynamism and serenity. That is what I want to try to capture this in my work, so it covers everything from quiet, discreet more traditional forms to wildly energetic work that really captures the movement of the process. My kinetic pieces are highly textured with deliberately distorted forms and my more traditional work has a gentler energy with some of the same linear marks but in a much more paired-back, softer, more accessible way. I try to let the work just be.

Our ceramics workshsop features state-of the-art kilns and 16 pottery wheels so that every student has the resources required to gain practical, hands-on experience with the support of expert tutors and technicians. All Material costs are included in the cost of WAES ceramics and pottery courses, including clay, firing and glazes.

Ceramics workshop

The ceramics workshop at Lisson Grove is a spacious, open plan environment for up to 16 students to work at once. Features include:
  • 16 pottery wheels
  • Hot box for fast drying of work
  • Wet back spray booth for spraying glazes and slips
  • Multiple worktop/workbench areas
  • 3 large kilns (new in 2012)
  • Mix of glazes
  • Smart screen technology for interactive lessons
  • Huge range of materials for learners


A WAES pottery student gets to groups with one of the wheels
At the wheel: a WAES student using the Lisson Grove facilities
Exhibition visitors admire WAES students' ceramics and pottery creations

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