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Community and Cultural Learning in Westminster

WAES Community and Cultural Learning is for parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, children and carers. We operate all over Westminster, in schools, nurseries, community centres and libraries.

These courses are a great place to start or expand your learning journey, helping to improve employability, health, wellbeing and confidence. They are an informal, fun and sociable way to gain skills and build confidence to progress onto more advanced learning opportunities at WAES. We deliver a wide range of opportunities which engage, motivate and inspire. It’s all about taking part and discovering something new.

Improve Your English and Maths

We have a range of levels and our courses or free or low cost, so everyone can join in. Learning English and maths will help you interact more with your community, be able to support your family and your children and builds self confidence.

Learn New Skills

We have many opportunities to learn new skills, such as baking or cooking or working with textiles. These courses are ideal opportunities to get to know people and learn something new in a relaxed environment.

Expand Your Knowledge

We offer opportunities to explore London, learn about our city and its history and meet like-minded people.

Support Your Family

We have many programmes to help you support your family and community, helping you to support your family, whether it be at school, when you are shopping or visiting a doctor. You will be able to help your children with their own learning, development and confidence.

Improve Your Wellbeing

We are planning a series of wellbeing programmes to include mindfulness, fitness, walking, yoga, art, music, singing, drumming and dance. These are great opportunities to meet people and support your own wellbeing.

Pathways to Further Study

Our programmes can, in many cases, lead to further study with WAES or other providers. Many of our past learners have gone on to undertake vocational study. Options include Health and Social Care, Childcare, Creative Programmes, Personal Training and much more.

Find out about our current workshops here

Why is learning important for families?

Research has shown that families are the first and most important teachers and that parental support is a major factor throughout a child's education.

Children spend 85% of their waking hours at home, leaving a massive potential for out-of-school learning.

Family learning helps adult family members to gain confidence to provide vital help for their children, and also helps to promote good relationships within families. It offers another chance for adults to return to learning and to be aware of all the other learning opportunities on offer.

What some of our learners have to say about learning with us:

Absolutely fantastic! Lots of great ideas to take away. Everyone, parents and children had fun. So simple to follow the leaders' instructions with SUPER results! - Jennifer

The course helped me to become more at ease to explain maths concepts to my child and really understand how to break it down. The tutor made the course fun with practical activities for the children. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! - Tiziana

The course gave me confidence to help my son and be clearer when explaining. I can now make maths fun even when my son is not in the mood at home! – Louise

The instructor was very clear and enthusiastic as well as highly interactive. The workshop was highly beneficial and productive. I loved the fact that we used materials that were reusable - excellent message to convey to the community! - Mamusa

We really enjoyed this workshop. The staff were very friendly and they brought families together which put a smile on every childs face. We are looking forward to more events. - Wazma


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