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Family Learning in Westminster

Family learning is for parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts and carers - all over the borough in schools, nurseries, children's centres and libraries.

Free workshops for the family

We provide free workshops and courses designed to help adults understand how children learn and are taught in schools, gain ideas for supporting your children's learning in the home and to improve numeracy, literacy and language skills of accompanying parents.

Some Family Learning courses are just for adults, with ideas and resources to use at home with your children. Some are for adults and children working together. Many of our classes have a free crèche- enquire for more details.

Family Learning programmes are varied and can cover anything from opera to juggling! These classes usually take place in libraries, schools or community centres.

Family literacy, language and numeracy classes often take place in Westminster schools or Children’s Centres where adults can develop their own abilities alongside their children.

We aim to offer mums, dads, grandparents and carers the chance to develop existing skills, learn new skills and have fun while actively supporting their child’s learning. Activities have included opera, watercolour painting, paper engineering, crafting with recycled materials and many more!

Find out more and book workshops now!

Why is family learning important?

Research has shown that families are the first and most important teachers and that parental support is a major factor throughout a child’s education.

Children spend 85% of their waking hours at home, leaving a massive potential for out of school learning.

Family learning helps adult family members to gain confidence to provide vital help for their children, and also helps to promote good relationships within families. It offers another chance for adults to return to learning and to be aware of all the other learning opportunities on offer.

Family Learning can lead to improvements in family life

•    Children's learning and behaviour

•    Adults' own skills

•    Adults' abilities to help their children learn

•    Adults' job prospects

•    Confidence for both adults and children to enjoy learning together

•    Positive attitudes towards education for adults and children

Examples of Workshops for Parents

•    Primary Creativity – exploring art and crafts with your children

•    STEAM – helping parents to understand science, technology, engineering, art and maths

•    Developing Reading – helping children to become skilled readers, from Nursery to end of Key Stage 2

•    Family Literacy – skills and appreciation of literacy, including spelling and writing

•    Family Maths – covering specific areas of the primary maths curriculum, from age 3 to 11

•    Family Learning Through London: exploring London with your children

Examples of Workshops for Fathers Only

•    Fathers only groups on how to enjoy reading with their children on a daily basis

Examples of Workshops for Parents and Children Together

•    Stop-motion animation using an iPad

•    Playing chess as a family

•    Easy ways to do fun problem-solving activities in the home, using easily available resources

•    Keeping families safe online


Our learners

What some of our learners have to say about Family Learning:

Absolutely fantastic! Lots of great ideas to take away. Everyone, parents and children had fun. So simple to follow the leaders instructions with SUPER results! - Jennifer

The course helped me to become more at ease to explain maths concepts to my child and really understand how to break it down. The tutor made the course fun with practical activities for the children. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! - Tiziana

The course gave me confidence to help my son and be clearer when explaining. I can now make maths fun even when my son is not in the mood at home! – Louise

The instructor was very clear and enthusiastic as well as highly interactive. The workshop was highly beneficial and productive. I loved the fact that we used materials that were reusable - excellent message to convey to the community - Mamusa

We really enjoyed this workshop. The staff were very friendly and they brought families together which put a smile on every childs face. We are looking forward to more events. - Wazma


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