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Our exciting new range of short creative courses

Unearth a new passion or take the next step in your creative journey with our exciting new programme of creative courses. Learn to express yourself through visual arts or learn a useful new skill.

We have developed a range of taster sessions, deeper explorations and longer courses for every level of skill. The portfolio covers art, ceramics, crafts, sewing, floristry, jewellery making, hair, make-up, photography, design and baking.

We will be adding new programmes constantly, so it is well worth keeping an eye on our website.


Come along to our spacious, bespoke ceramics facilities for a short pottery course. Learn everything from wheel-throwing to figurative sculpture to glazing and surface decoration at a pace to suit you under the guidance of our professional tutors.
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Contemporary Crafts

We are offering a variety of fun-filled workshops and longer programmes in subjects as diverse as candle making, soap making, learning the art of Encaustic wax painting and making cards.
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Cooking & Baking

Explore your skills with a range of courses covering everything from making the perfect artisan bread to whipping up some choux buns and eclairs.
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Fashion & Textiles

Come along for a crash course in a specialised area in fashion and textiles. Whether you’re a complete novice looking to learn something new or an expert who wants a chance to practice what you love, you’re sure to feel welcome in a short course at WAES.
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Fine Art & Design

Explore your creative side as our professional tutors guide you through a range of artistic techniques. Not only do you learn new skills and techniques, but you also work to briefs to produce pieces of art that you can truly be proud of.
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These popular courses, including contemporary floral designs, special occasions and practical flower conditioning courses are ideal for those looking to pursue their passion for flowers as a hobby or you might be inspired to go on to one of our qualification courses.
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Hair & Make-up

Our short courses in hairdressing and make-up are great if you want to learn or improve your skills and are suitable for all levels. Come along to our bespoke hair-dressing and make-up studio and learn something new!
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Jewellery Making

Come and learn to make beautiful earrings, rings, beads and more. Our professional tutors will teach you the basics of jewellery making and design in a series of fun-filled short courses.
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Photography, Graphics & IT

We have an exciting range of courses that explore photography, basic graphics projects and using your computer in profitable and interesting ways. These courses are great for beginners as they aim to help you understand different areas and techniques and build upon your existing skills.
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