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Governors' Base

The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for the strategic direction of Westminster Adult Education Service, with particular emphasis on staffing, financial management, curriculum policy.


Are you interested in becoming a governor?

Are you passionate about shaping the future of adult education? Do you have a vision for empowering individuals through learning and skill development? Westminster Adult Education Service is on the lookout for dynamic and dedicated individuals to join our governing board as Governors.

As a Governor, you will play a pivotal role in guiding WAES to new heights of success. Your expertise, insights, and commitment will contribute to shaping strategic decisions, ensuring the delivery of exceptional education services, and fostering an environment of innovation and inclusivity.

Find out more in our governor advert and governor recruitment pack, and if you are interested in the role, complete the governor application form. For further details, or to arrange an informal chat please email:


Meet the Board of Governors

Ms Carolyn Keen
Westminster City Council Nominee Governor
Chair of the Board of Governors

Carolyn is a former student of WAES. Her professional background is in arts and disability policy with a special interest in education. She has served as a City of Westminster councillor and mayor, chairing various committees including education, health, arts, planning and the Westminster Faith Exchange. She has served as governor of a number of primary schools, special schools and City of Westminster College. She is a trustee of The Philological Foundation, a small educational charity giving grants to students and schools in Westminster and Camden, and a past chair of The St Marylebone Society, an amenity group.

Carolyn became a governor at WAES to use her knowledge of local community and networks to further encourage the educational opportunities offered by WAES and to support a caring environment for learners and staff. She was awarded with an MBE for services to education and the local community.

Ms Arinola Edeh

Arinola is the Principal of Westminster Adult Education Service and serves as a Governor of the Board in that capacity. She has worked in the public sector for over 30 years, with over 20 of those being in further and adult education. Arinola has been Principal for the last four years, having been the Deputy Principal at WAES for the previous five years. Prior to joining Westminster, Arinola worked at two General Further Education Colleges and in both organisations led extensive employer-facing and community partnership work, including the delivery of successful ESF- and externally-funded projects. Having moved into adult and community education at Westminster, Arinola really values the difference and challenge that working as a leader within the local authority brings to the education and skills landscape; the ability to leverage other services in holistically meeting people's wider needs can make a huge difference and impact positively on their lives.

Arinola is an active member of HOLEX, the membership body for adult and community education providers and represents HOLEX London on the GLA’s Skills for Londoners Board. She is the HOLEX Policy Forum lead for equality, diversity and inclusion and digital skills, as well as being a co-collaborator of the Women’s Leadership Network, which seeks to amplify women’s voices and change leadership in the sector.

As a returnee migrant with dual nationality, Arinola is passionate about leading work that enables individuals and communities to benefit from the transformational power of education. Her own journey has made her very keen to help individuals create their own stories and amplify their voices, with a desire to inspire people from all walks of life to “dance to the beat of their own drum!”

Ms Harriet Amos
Staff Governor

Harriet has been teaching in London for over twenty years and is currently a curriculum coordinator for Community and Cultural Learning at WAES. A born and bred Londoner, she has enjoyed and benefited from being a student of Adult Education at different intervals in her life. She is a passionate educator with a wide range of teaching experience in London and abroad, across all age groups from 4-year-olds to 84-year-olds.  She is proud of working in the WAES Community department, and is particularly invested in the work around families, sustainability, employability and on tolerance and understanding. 

She endeavours to be a good communicator and good listener; she enjoys problem-solving and loves innovation. She hopes to bring these attributes to the role of staff governor to good effect.

Ms Maysie Brown
Staff Governor

Maysie is a staff governor, elected in 2019. At present, she is the Diversity and Inclusion Co-ordinator at WAES. She has worked at WAES as a course leader within the Apprenticeship and Professional Pathways Department and a tutor and IQA for Childcare, Health and Social Care. She was a governor at Eardley Primary School in Wandsworth for eight years.

Mr Leonardo Carmagnani
Learner Governor

Leonardo is a learner governor who was elected in 2023.  He has been studying at WAES since 2019.  He is a customer service attendant and also works in the accounting area to support his community.  He became a governor as he was involved in education in his home country, where he realised that education is the most effective way to change lives.  Many people think that they cannot learn a new language or a different profession as they get older, but he believes that is why adult education does such an important job.  At WAES, he is studying to improve his English skills and plans to restart his career by studying accounting.

Leonardo brings a range of skills and experiences to the role of learner governor, including a volunteer job with children and adults with special needs in his home country, where he enhanced his perspective on the importance of equality and inclusion.  In addition, the experience of living in many countries allowed him to learn about different cultures, where he could live with people from different backgrounds and beliefs.  Professionally, he worked in administration and business management, marketing and international trading.

His other interests include activities relating to sports and mental health.

Mr Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell is a Westminster Civil Servant, working in the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

As the first in his family to attend university, Liam understands the opportunities that education can bring. He became a governor at WAES to share his knowledge and experiences, and to help others better themselves through further education.

Liam brings a wealth of skills to the WAES Governing Body, including strategic thinking, risk management, and relationship building.

In his spare time, Liam enjoys cycling and regularly attending the gym.

Professor Alexandra Hughes
Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors

Professor Alexandra Hughes has an extensive career in higher education, having held senior management roles at the Universities of Kent and Birmingham. Alex is currently Deputy Vice Chancellor of Global Engagement and Employability at University of Westminster, working with WAES on the Digital Academies Project.

Alex is deeply committed to inclusion in and access to education, especially for learners from non traditional and disadvantaged backgrounds. This deep commitment is Alex’s primary motivation for becoming a governor at WAES.

The skills Alex brings to the role of governor include deep familiarity with higher education, global engagement, the employability agenda in Higher Education, as well as matters of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Between 2016 and 2021, Alex was a member of, and eventually Vice President of, the executive committee of the SGroup Universities in Europe network. Alex has worked closely with Universities UK on outward student mobility and is a current member of the London Higher EDI and international networks. Alex represents the University of Westminster as a member of the Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC Academy Trust.

Alex’s interests include photography and reading.

Ms Naomi Leaver
Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors

Naomi Leaver is the Executive Head teacher of a federation of two Westminster community schools. She has led schools and educational settings across London; including mainstream schools, specialists resource bases and special schools. Naomi is also a qualified OFSTED inspector, a member of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership for Westminster and RBKC, and a trustee for the Philological Foundation.

With sixteen years' experience working in Westminster, Naomi feels very much a part of the community. She chose to become a governor at WAES because she knows that education is the key to changing life chances for all. She wants to use the knowledge she has gained throughout life to help others in their learning journey.

Through her professional and voluntary experiences, Naomi brings a wide range of skills to the role of governor, including the knowledge of leading educational institutions, creating and leading emotionally well and nurturing environments, a very clear understanding of inclusive practices and the DEI agenda and legislation, and experience of sensory impairment education and advocacy.

Travel is a very important part of Naomi’s life, including going on long motorbike adventures around the world, being up mountains and swimming outside in various bodies of waters. Naomi adores the arts and spend a great deal of time at the theatre, gigs, galleries and museums. Prior to becoming a teacher Naomi was a contemporary dancer.

Mr Andrew Mederick

I became a Governor as I have been interested in education for 20 years and because I want to give something back to the community. I believe in adult education for three reasons
(a) It is hard to make life changing decisions when you are young or have a family or even do not know what you want to do as a career
(b) From attending adult education as a mature leaner, I am now Director of Youth Services in the same community where I studied
(c) Education is a great social- economic leveler.
I have a range of skills and experiences that I bring to my role as a Governor including: Commitment to improving education for all students; Links with local businesses; Ability to propose and consider innovative solutions/recognise and develop opportunities; Project management; Knowledge of local/regional economy; Experience of working in/developing collaborative partnerships; and working or volunteering with young people.

Councillor Matt Noble
Westminster City Council Nominee Governor

Matt is a Westminster City Councillor for Church Street Ward and is Chief Whip and Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Regeneration and Renters. He has experience as an adult learner through gaining an Open University Law degree in 2015. Professionally, he works for a leading developer of best practice methodology for project management and IT service management.

Councillor Ralu Oteh-Osoka

Councillor Ralu Oteh-Osoka is a proud ‘Child of Westminster’, born and bred in Maida Vale and Little Venice. She is now the Councillor for Regents Park ward and enjoys being in and around her ward, getting to know her residents. Ralu believes you can learn something new every day and adult education shows you are truly never too old to learn new skills that can aid not only in a brand-new career / job choice but also enhance the one you currently have. She also believes adult education builds confidence and self-esteem, as well as encouraging community cohesion and assimilation.

Ralu was selected to become a Governor in Summer 2022 and brings a range of skills and experience to the role including currently working within Quality Assurance in the Engineering Sector.

Councillor Hamza Taouzzale

Cllr Hamza Taouzzale is a Councillor for the Queen's Park Ward in Westminster. He was elected as the youngest ever councillor in the City of Westminster in 2018 and, more recently, served as the Lord Mayor in Westminster from 2022 to 2023. He has lived in the area his whole life, neighbouring WAES in the Lisson Green Estate. He is keen on becoming a governor at WAES, as it's an institution that he has known for some years, and he is very passionate about the work that takes place here. He believes that it is really important to ensure that all members of our community are able to access further education, and feels that WAES is able to provide that.

As well as being a governor at WAES, Hamza is also a trustee of several local charities and the patron of the Young Westminster Foundation.

Mr Jake Warren
Staff Governor

Jake is the Systems Developer for WAES, responsible for developing a robust digital infrastructure.  He has experience as a Systems Developer in a large FE College and as an Information Analyst for a County Council, and also brings skills in strategic project management and data-driven decision-making.  He became a governor at WAES through his interests as a staff member. He currently sits on the Staff Engagement Committee, Sustainability Committee and Data and Systems Committee.  He believes that empowered and supported staff who are leaders in their role are crucial for an excellent learning experience.  While he broadly focuses on the use of technologies in business to automate processes and support staff, he also has experience of strategic project management and using data to inform business objectives.

At WAES, he is the link Governor for Community and Cultural Learning and believes in championing initiatives beyond the classroom, fostering social bonds and promoting British values.  As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he is dedicated to representing minority communities and influencing processes and policies to ensure diversity is embedded at all levels.


Board of Governors' Meetings

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