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How to use Microsoft Teams

This page has information for our learners who are using Microsoft Teams to attend online courses

How to join a meeting or class

To join a meeting or class go to the ‘Posts’ tab in your class Team and click on the meeting.


How to use the ‘Chat’ in a meeting

Click on the Chat/Conversation symbol to open a conversation space and start messaging your tutor and classmates in the box at the bottom.


How to Mute and Unmute in a meeting (turn your microphone on and off)

    • To Mute your chat (turn your microphone off), click on the Microphone icon located on the toolbar in the meeting.
    • To Unmute (switch the microphone on so that other people can hear you) click the button again.
    • Make sure that you are muted when your tutor is talking so that you can understand them.


How to access Files

        • Go to your Team and click on the Files tab at the top of the screen.
        • Then you will find all of the files.


How to Share Video

        • To share video, click on the camera icon.
        • To stop sharing click the icon again.
        • Do not share if you do not want to be seen by your classmates or to see anything in your background.



How to collaborate on a document (work together on the same document)

To collaborate on a document (work together on the document) open up the chat tab in a meeting and click on the three dots next to the document in chat. Then click ‘Open in Browser’.



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