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'Speaking through art' - Maria Do Carmo Riezzo

WAES hears how Ceramics student Maria Do Carmo Riezzo uses her creations to break down the language barrier as she prepares to exhibit her work at Perspectives, the 2013 WAES summer arts exhibition.


How did you begin with this area of study?

When I came over from Brazil I couldn’t speak any English. I saw a ceramics exhibition of past students’ work and was amazed by it. I asked how it was done and recommended WAES for pottery courses. She told me that the College could help with my English as well, which was fortunate!

I really found that through ceramics and my art I could express what I struggled to say in English – the language still isn’t easy for me but I am improving.

Tell us about your work on display at the Perspectives exhibition.

The piece is Goat vase (below, left) – look and you will see it has birds on its back – in Brazil on a hot day the goats will be around the lakes drinking and the birds will sit on the goats back.

“I really found that through ceramics and my art I could express what I struggled to say in English”

What is your proudest moment

I would say that my proudest moment was winning my WAES learner award last month (May 2013). It has motivated me to pursue my art as a profession and sell pieces while learning even more at the College. My dream is to be able to be able to benefit the needy through the sale of my creation. I’m thankful that my work is on display at this exhibition – I feel blessed that people can see it.

How have your life experiences influenced your work?

I am originally from a town a few hours outside of Salvador in Brazil where I worked for a long time as a maid – I never thought of myself as creative but my mother always was.

The inspiration for my work is my home town where I grew up in Brazil – the mountains, the lakes and the animals – particularly animals interacting with the exotic beautiful landscapes that I remember from my childhood.



Maria's pottery work is featured at Perspectives, this year's WAES summer arts exhibition at the Mall galleries, SW1, from 17 to 22 June. Find out more



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