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Tutor Focus: Alexander MacFaul (Fine Art)

Tutor profile: Alexander MacFaul

At WAES we pride ourselves on having tutors with a wealth of knowledge in their industries, sharing their gained experiences for realistic and practical advice and guidance on navigating the direction of learner’s careers.

One such tutor is our Fine Art Tutor, Alex MacFaul, who is recently exhibited his work at the Gallery No15 Christmas Exhibition.

Since childhood Alex dreamed of being an artist and now as a successful working artist says his three top tips to aspiring artists are; work very hard, network and be organised. When asked whether talent or ambition is more important he says; “You need both, talent needs ambition and ambition is usually necessary to get talent noticed and recognised”.

Alex takes his inspiration from architecture and the changing lights and shadows of the city, seeking to capture moments, emotions and experiences in his paintings. He says;

 “In my painting and drawing I seek to combine the physicality of what I see, with my own emotional response to the subject. I want my work to take me right back to a certain time and place, essentially capturing through paint a fleeting but significant experience of somewhere.

I am fascinated by the architecture and life of the city. The constantly changing light and shadow, the contrast of natural stone with neon lights. The reflection of lamps on the Thames at dusk. Empty barges on the river, disused warehouses and forgotten East End backstreets. From these quiet and contemplative parts of the city to the bustling life and colour of Piccadilly or the skyscrapers of Manhattan. All these elements inform my painting and drive me on to find more ways to communicate what I see and feel in these wonderful environments.”

With such talent and passion combined with training and experience, you can see why Alexander is such an excellent tutor. Whether it be fine art style and techniques or industry know-how and advice, there is much to be learned from Alexander.

To see more work by Alexander, visit his website here.



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