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WAES Family Learning Animation Workshop

During half-term WAES held a Family Learning clay animation workshop for parents and children. The workshop taught attendees to make their very own stop-motion film clips. Participants created sets, made characters out of clay and filmed short animations using stop-animation software.

Family Learning workshops and courses are designed to help adults understand how children learn and gain ideas for supporting learning. By the end of the clay animation workshop, parents and children were so impressed with their final works that most said they would continue to make stop-animations at home.

Here are their final works:

We also interviewed some of the participants to find out a little bit more about their experience at the workshop. Riley and his mother Elizabeth tell us a bit about what they learnt from the workshop and what they will take away and Gabriel, Ezekiel and Noel tell us about their animation and how they found out about the workshop:



Family Learning can lead to improvements in family life

•    Children's learning and behaviour

•    Adults' own skills

•    Adults' abilities to help their children learn

•    Adults' job prospects

•    Confidence for both adults and children to enjoy learning together

•    Positive attitudes towards education for adults and children


For future workshops or more information please visit our family learning team here



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