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Path-WAES to Success - Anne-Marie Taylor created her own path to university

Anne-Marie used her WAES graphic design course as a stepping stone to university

Anne-Marie former Level 2 Graphic Design student used her WAES course as a stepping stone to university. She shared with us her learning journey and how she created her own path,

"When studying media studies and fashion for A levels we touched on elements of graphic design which I enjoyed but didn't know too much about it. I didn't feel confident enough to go straight into a degree level course, I wanted to have a foundation of knowledge about graphic design before proceeding. 

What I liked about the courses WAES offered was that I could choose from different levels of study which took pressure off me as I didn't know much about graphic design but I was eager to learn.

This course provided knowledge on the emergence and prominence of graphic design and enabled me to learn the different methods, tools, software and presentation skills needed to become a graphic designer, the course provided clarity to the topic and built my confidence preparing me for university. The great support and teaching made the course enjoyable and challenging. 

From this course I was able to add work to the portfolio I showed for my university interviews and was offered an unconditional placement at the University of Portsmouth. I am currently in the second year of studying Graphic Design."


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