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Student Success in Fine Art

Autumn 2019

Fine Art student Chantel Smith has recently exhibited her artwork in the Omega Hub, based in the artists district of in Hackney Wick, close to where she grew up. Chantel joined WAES' Level 1 Fine Art programme in the summer of 2018 and progressed on to Level 2 in 2019. She is now studying for her Level 3 quaification and will graduate in July 2020.

In relation to the paintring below, Chantel says, "It is steeped in esoteric meaning. The inspiration sometimes comes from dreams, but most of the time I have no idea. I love bright colours and want to create a feeling of joy in my paintings."

Chantel also has ambitions for the future: "Once I have finished my Level 3 Fine Art at WAES, I will go on to curate exhibitions and get more involed in installation art as I have many ideas and a lot of passion about allowing the viewer to be open about how they view and feel about artworks."

Fine Art Level 2 learner, Aaron Joshua Little is currently involved in a group exhibition at the Old Diarama Arts Centre, which is located in Drummond Street, near Kings Cross. The exhibition features artists from Café Art organisation, who work with participants from the Crisis Organisation and other homeless charities.

Pictured above is a painting titled "The Gambler". It illustrates how easy it is to fall prey to the habit and be unaware of your surroundings when you're on a losing streak. The second painting (below) is of a model named Frieda. "For me it was a rarity to paint a model from a Eurasian background and a great study in skin tones."

The third painting is entitled "Representing" as it goes against the main perception of ancient Egyptians being of European origin, which is the way it has long been depicted in Hollywood movies and the public are becoming wise to the mis-representation.


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