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Save £££ on your new course this August!

We know that many of our learners at WAES like to enrol nice and early for their course to make sure of a place with Westminster's adult college.

So, this summer we're rewarding you with a couple of offers which mean that you can enrol with us this summer and save £££!

Enrol on on one of our online-bookable courses during the month of August and receive a 10% early bird discount!

Or take advantage of our administration fee waiver in the same month and save £25!


10% off online courses

Browse through hundreds of courses, click on the course of your choice and where you see the sybmol below you'll be able to book your place with the 10% discount!

The offer is only available on selected online-bookable WAES courses only.

Please note that this offer is not valid for most accredited, qualification courses, many advanced courses and courses that require assessment or guidance prior to booking.

Ensure that you tick the 10% discount fee at the point of enrolment in the booking screen.


£25 off administration fee

Complete your enrolment over the phone or at one of our centres this August and take advantage of our £25 administration fee waiver!

The general administration fee of £25 per learner, charged at the point of enrolment, is waived for the month of August - so you simply won't need to pay it!

Phone 020 7297 7297 or visit a WAES centre today to enrol and take advantage of this offer.

Please note that the £25 adminstration fee is not applied to online enrolments. Offer applies only to enrolments completed during the month of August where the administration fee of £25 usually applies.


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