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Coronavirus information

During this difficult time, we want to wish all our learners, staff and partners all the very best. We are working hard to ensure that learning can still be delivered to the high standard that we have always maintained.

Our classroom-based classes have been moved to distance and online delivery methods and we are now learning remotely. There has been some news recently about schools starting to re-open. This applies only to some grades and not to our learners. We will update you as soon as our situation changes. At the moment, we are continuing to learn online and remotely.

Our enrolments, advice and support staff are all contactable by phone or email. We can still advise you on a new career and on courses that can lead to future employment.

We are committed to provide the best possible learning for every learner for as long as this crisis continues.

Telephone: 020 7297 7297

What our learners can expect from course leaders and tutors:

  • They will be available during the times that lessons would normally have taken place.
  • Tutors will contact their learners by phone, email and online using the Microsoft TEAMS system.
  • They will share documents and could post materials, when needed.
  • Tutors will give learners feedback on their progress and help when they are stuck.
  • They will also let learners know what is happening in terms of the ongoing work of the Service and any changes to arrangements.

Where can I find out more about this virus?

Westminster City Council Information

Public Health England – for the current Government response


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