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Tailor-made courses: Fardus' journey to becoming a fashion designer

Fardus Aburgegha moved from Libya to London 13 years ago. With such a strong family connection to clothing (both her mother and grandmother were dressmakers), fashion was an area Fardus had long been interested in but hadn’t known how to make a move into. “I was sitting watching a TV programme one evening about clothes design and I thought to myself – how can I do this?”  So I applied and started the course at WAES.

Fardus decided to study a fashion diploma at WAES and what was at first a hobby soon became a viable career choice. “The courses were reasonably priced and it was a perfect Westminster location for me. The first day at class really got me back in the mood and I started dreaming about becoming a fashion designer.”

After completing the diploma, Fardus opened up a business in a corner of a small shop on Harrow Road. Soon she expanded due to popular demand. Now she occupies a whole floor of the building. “I want to have a brand – and have it featured in London Fashion Week.”

Her business offers a wide range of international styles, from Middle-Eastern dresses to African bespoke wear. She may be a success but Fardus hasn’t forgotten her training with WAES. She still keeps her class notes and uses them as a reference. In fact, Fardus has been so passionate about her course at WAES that she’s persuaded seven of her friends to sign up.

 “Westminster Adult Education Service is such a brilliant environment to study and the tutors are great. I’m still in contact with the some of the other students too.”

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