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Floristry Student Success Stories

2017 floristry student success stories:


Augusta Kemtyte - Recent graduate from Level 2 Floristry is now winning floral design awards and gaining traction in the industry:

"When I started at WAES I never thought that this course would change my career and that I would become a florist. I have now left my well-paid job at Chanel and have set up my own business as a floral designer.

Without my tutor, Irfa and WAES this would never become a reality. My experience studying at WAES and with Tutor Irfa was beyond amazing. I had previously studied a BA in Interior Architecture at a top London University where I had about 10 different lecturers but I never had such a passionate and professional teacher like Irfa".


Megan Mabin - Former level 2 Floristry evening course student has made a career change from advertising to floristry:

"I had been working in advertising agencies for 5+ years and I was fed up with the agency environment and knew I wanted to make a change but I wasn't sure to what. I started the Cert. II in Floristry evening courses at WAES and after beginning the course, I realised that I would like to work in the floristry industry.

While studying I reached out to the top 5 florists in London letting them know I was studying floristry and looking for work in the industry. Two of them came back to me, both were very different roles, one was for an events assistant role within a large events florist and the other was in a small store in Chelsea in London's oldest florist. I was lucky enough to be offered both roles and had to decide which path I wanted to take.

I ended up taking the role of the events florist as I thought it had more potential to lead to larger scale events production and styling which is where I would eventually like to be working. I am currently mid-way through my second week and I am loving it. I am very glad that I made the change!"


Gaia Elkington - Former Level 1 Floral Design Award student, now working with London's top florists:

"My WAES floristry tutor Irfa Chaudhri is without a doubt the most wonderful teacher that I have ever had. The course was terrific - there are so many flower courses out there, most of them wildly over-priced and every florist that I work with regrets paying so much more then they needed to. The WAES course, by contrast, is not only fairly priced but also down to earth, professional and equips you with every technical skill you need to get started in the industry. I would take the course again in a heartbeat.

Since re-training at WAES I have been lucky enough to work for several florists who have been featured in Vogue and Elle including London's florist of the year, 2017.

You have to put in the work to get the work, but it is out there and my WAES Floristry training has given me all of the skills that I needed to get that magical first foot in the door ".


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