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Level 3 Adult Offer – Free Qualifications available from April 2021!



From 1 April 2021, some Level 3 courses will be fully funded! Adults aged 19 and over, who do not already have a Level 3 or equivalent, could be eligible for a FREE* place. This funding is subject to conditions.

At WAES, we will have 5 courses available in this free offer:


What is the Level 3 Adult Offer?

From 1 April 2021, numerous courses will form part of the Government National Skills Fund and entitlement funding. Adults aged 19 and over, who do not already have a Level 3 or equivalent qualification, could be eligible for FREE* place.

This offer is part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee announced by the Prime Minister in September 2020. It forms part of a long-term commitment to remove barriers that prevent adults achieving their first Level 3 qualification, such as age constraints or personal financial barriers.

This offer will allow adults access to training and get the skills they need to boost their careers or increase employability.


Who is eligible?

Any adult over 19 years old who does not currently have a Level 3 qualification, a qualification equivalent to Level 3 (e.g., A Levels), or any qualifications higher than a Level 3, should be eligible for this funding.

Even if you do not qualify for this funding, there are still many other funding schemes available, or we can help you access an Advanced Learner Loan. Please still get in touch if you are interested in enrolling.

*Funding is subject to conditions.


Why are only these courses available?

The courses available under this offer have been carefully chosen by the government to address skills needs in the economy and fill gaps in the job-market.

At WAES, this list covers five Distance Learning courses starting in April. There is a high likelihood that more courses and subject areas will be available for our September enrolment.


Further Information & How to apply:

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact to discuss what options are available for you. 



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