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Not afraid of a challenge - Luke's story

Luke Pearson is not afraid of a challenge. Luke began studying with WAES in 2010. He attends courses with the Learning Difficulty and Disability department to help with his day-to-day communication; an area affected by his autism.

“My study has enabled me to improve my communication skills outside in the workplace. And WAES helped me find the workplaces I’m in now.”

When Luke started his studies he was introduced to a WAES job coach. Focusing on Luke’s skills and career goals, the job coaches were able to help Luke find work. “They were brilliant. They helped me find work that was a good match for me”.

Electrical equipment at the recycling centre Disused batteries at the recycling centre

Luke now works at a Camden recycling centre 3 days a week in customer service – making sure that customers put things in the right places. It’s an experience he’s taken in his stride. “It’s about keeping people in check and safe and challenging them when they are doing something wrong. Some of it can be confrontational, but working in recycling means I can help ensure things can get re-used one day.”

Luke at Camden Recycling centre

Not content with one job, Luke also does grounds maintenance in central London for two schools, as well as taking part in various gardening projects. “I enjoy being outdoors – I’m not an office person. I love to care for the environment.”

“It’s good for me and other young people to be in employment. In the future I’m looking for more work"

Asked whether he enjoyed the amount of work he does, Luke insisted that he likes to be kept busy. “It’s good for me and other young people to be in employment. In the future I’m looking for more work.”

WAES offers a range of courses specially designed to encourage independent living, enhance social, educational and employment opportunities in a safe and supported environment.


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