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May's Open Event at Pimlico centre

Floristry and Graphic Design were the main attractions at WAES’ May Open Event.

The Floristry department was filled with a colourful array of flowers and hanging floral arrangements as current and prospective learners joined in button making sessions while jazz played softly in the background. The workshop was led by the lovely Floristry tutor, Irfa, always greeting with a smile.



There were Graphic Design tasters taking place across from the Floristry studio, with tutor Nikolle paving the way with helpful hints and techniques to help leaners envision their ideas graphically. Learners’ sketchbooks were scattered across the table for some inspiration and people sat around creating artwork in their sketchbooks as well as on computers.

Art work spilled out into the hallways and other spaces across the building with a Floristry student’s dress made out of leaves in the main foyer and works of graphic design on tables or walls. All in all, a very creative and inspiring environment.

If you would like more information, take a look at WAES’ Graphic Design and Floristry courses or visit our Lisson Grove centre for our Open Day on 15 June 2019 where more taster sessions will be offered.




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