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'My inspiration...' Creative students tell the stories behind their art

Six WAES creative arts students offer an insight into the ideas, influences and inspiration behind their art as their work is exhibited at Perspectives, this year's WAES summer arts exhibition. 

Perspectives showcases 2D and 3D creative art from students of Westminster Adult Education Service at the Mall Galleries, SW1, from 17 to 22 June 2013. Read more...




'A world of imagination where rules and procedures don’t apply' - Visual arts student Ida Simone Christensen explains how showing her work means 'lowering the barricades'.



'A city that keeps on giving' - WAES photography student Ian Sidebottom reveals the inspiration behind his featured 'urban tribal' and '60s girl' creations.



'Speaking through my art' - WAES ceramics student Maria Do Carmo Riezzo on how she uses her creations to break down language barriers.



'Imagining bigger and daring to go further' - WAES graphic design student Glen Ross on how the great names can inspire great things



'The more I do the more I realise I need to learn!' - Jewellery-making student Jessica Ridley on the combination of design work and exacting craftmanship.



'The beginnings and endings of all things' - Glass-making student Jessie Sheffield explains the inspiration behind her amazing glass sculptures.



Perspectives, this year's WAES summer arts exhibition at the Mall galleries, SW1, from 17 to 22 June. Find out more



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