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Olympics filming role for former WAES video student

Recent Westminster Adult Education Service student Ruth Matos was quite literally right behind the action this summer when she played a crucial behind-the-scenes role at the Olympic Games in London.

Ruth, a former BTEC Diploma in Filmmaking student, finished her WAES studies in 2010 before progressing her studies at renowned Ravenbourne where she is currently in the final year of a BA in Production qualification. As well as a number of smaller assignments to complement her study, Ruth worked as a camera assistant at the waterpolo venue in the Olympic park, the first ever bespoke venue of its kind.

".. an extraordinary experience.."

Speaking to WAES of her work in the 5,000-seater arena, Ruth enthused “I loved it- it was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget. I was assisting a jib (a boom device with a camera on one end enabling high shots) and a high definition super speed slow motion camera.”

Most recently Ruth has been working on a documentary and on shortfilms- intensive work that can mean 20-hour working days at times. “This year I will have lots of work to do for university but my main goal is to find a permanent job while I am studying.” Ruth made a number of strong friendships with both classmates and teachers at WAES too- vital contacts and connections that have helped her both with study and with her own projects.


"My WAES course helped me to get here"

Several of Ruth’s classmates at WAES also progressed to Ravensbourne, with two of them currently involved in directing feature films in the UK and abroad. Passionate about the value of her WAES studies, she remarked “my WAES course helped me a lot to get here- and it’s true, I still have the notes I took during my classes and sometimes I use them for university work!”

Enrolling now for 2013 Westminster Adult Education Service’s video and film courses are taught by industry-professional tutors whose valuable experience and knowledge of industry practices blend perfectly with the practical and skills-based nature of the subjects taught.




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