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WES Parents,Young People and Careers Lead Event hosted by WAES

On Tuesday 7 February, WAES hosted the WES (Westminster Employment Service) Parents, Young People and Careers event for National Apprenticeship Week at our Lisson Grove Centre.  

The evening was created to inform Parents/Carers, Young People and Educators about Apprenticeships. 


  • What an apprenticeship is
  • The benefits, educational and employment opportunities offered by apprenticeships
  • How you can apply for or support a young person to apply for an apprenticeship


The WAES Apprenticeship team invited 2 Apprentices to speak about their apprenticeship journey who presented a real insight into their experiences whilst earning an income and learning simultaneously.

Jenny Pistella (Apprenticeship Course Leader) and Gail Isaac (Head of Apprenticeships and Professional Pathways) spoke about the apprenticeship offer and answered any questions relating to the programme. 

Find out more about what it's like to be an apprentice and decide if its the right path for you today. 

National Apprenticeship Week: WES Event


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