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Ramadan at WAES

The month of Ramadan will take place from ​Saturday 2nd April to Sunday 1st May.​ Find out more about Ramadan and how you can support your colleagues and learners by reading on!

To everyone in our community observing Ramadan,​ Ramadan Mubarak!​




What is Ramadan? 

Holy Month​

  • Ramadan is the 9th and  most sacred month of the Islamic Calendar (lunar calendar). It is marked by the sighting of the crescent moon. ​
  • It is the month that the holy Quran (sacred scripture of Islam) was revealed. ​
  • Fasting is the 4th Pillar of Islam.



  • During this month, Muslims fast by not eating and drinking.
  • They will have a light meal before dawn called suhoor and not eat and drink anything till sunset.
  • They will open their fast with a meal called iftar


Spiritual Cleansing​

  • It is a month of both physical and spiritual cleansing. Muslims will spend more time in worship and reflecting whilst abstaining from gossip, arguing etc. ​
  • Many Muslims will spend the night in prayer in congregation at the mosque or at home. 


Charity (Zakat)​

  • During Ramadan, Muslims are reflective over their blessings and support those in need.​
  • Muslims must give alms (Zakat- the  3rd pillar of Islam). This is a wealth tax, where those who meet the threshold, give 2.5% of their wealth to charity every Ramadan!


Celebration- Eid-ul Fitr​

  • Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan with a three day celebration called Eid ul Fitr where families, friends and community celebrate. Muslims attend a congregational Eid Prayer in the morning of Eid. ​
  •  A common Greeting for Eid is ‘Eid Mubarak’ which translates as ‘Happy Eid’!


We asked WAES staff what Ramadam means to them


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