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A treat visit for WAES Fine Art students

Level 3 Drawing and Painting students in WAES Fine Art department were in for a treat last week when former student and 2016 Bowker prize winner, Laura Stern, came to pick up her work and speak to them about her experience of Art and Design in higher education.


Laura, who is  currently studying Illustration at the University of East London, explained how she used the level 3 Drawing and Painting course to build a portfolio that got her a place at UEL. Laura went on to describe her current study where  she is combining traditional drawing skills with the latest software packages to complete her design briefs.


Such information was very useful for the current level 3 students - several of whom are applying to Art and Design higher education next year at Camberwell , Wimbledon, London Metropolitan and Middlesex.


Laura's advice for young aristists: Express yourself, experiment, and don’t be afraid to try and fail! You learn so much when a piece of work doesn’t turn out the way you expect as you can only improve and get better. And most importantly enjoy it!


 Laura's work was featured in the 2016 WAES Summer Arts exhibition and won the prestigious David Bowker prize.


The David Bowker prize for artistic excellence is awarded each year as part of the WAES summer arts exhibition. Read about Laura's journey at WAES here.

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