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The Turner Sur-Prize!

by Inigo Rousham, the Visual Arts course leader at WAES.

WAES visual arts students worked with Ciara Phillips last year, who has been nominated for the 2014 Turner Prize, the most prestigious British award in visual arts. It’s aimed at artists under 50 years old and is awarded for an exhibition that took place in the previous year.

WAES learners participating in Ciara's exhibition.

Ciara was nominated for her exhibition at the Showroom Gallery just off Edgware Road. She converted the gallery space into a print workshop and let visitors participate in the creation of the artwork.

Find out more about Ciara's exhibition at the Showroom Gallery.

WAES tutor Paul Dixon and his printmaking class took part last November. “This was a great opportunity for the students,” he says. “They experienced silk screen printing first hand and worked with an international artist. They now feel proud that they participated in an artwork that was subsequently nominated for the Turner Prize.”

The WAES visual arts team wish Ciara good luck in the competition. The prize winner will be announced live on Channel 4 on 1st December 2014. Why not go along to the Tate Britain where Ciara’s work, and that of the other three nominees, is on display until 4th January 2014. Alternatively view their work online and let us know who you'd give the prize to.


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