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WAES Learners invited to Dance Westminster Final 2023

Dance Westminster, a pioneering initiative, is dedicated to promoting physical activity among disabled individuals aged 10 and above within the community. This endeavor is a collaboration between the Westminster City Council and Step Change Studios, an award-winning dance company renowned for its efforts to make dance accessible to all. Under this project, free dance workshops are offered, providing participants with the opportunity to engage in an inclusive and captivating dance class while learning a number of choreographed routines.

The project entails a series of workshops and auditions facilitated by Step Change Studios, leading to the selection of finalists who partake in the Dance Westminster Grand Final. This annual event not only serves as a platform for participants to showcase their commitment and dedication to their dance routines over the preceding weeks but also offers a moment for the community to come together in celebration and support.

We are pleased to highlight the involvement of our advanced Hair & Media Make-up learners, who were honoured with an invitation to the Dance Westminster Competition Grand Final held at Porchester Hall. Their valuable contribution involved preparing the participants for their performances by styling their hair and applying makeup, bestowing upon them a touch of stardom and making the occasion even more extraordinary.


Dance Westminster Grand Final 2023

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