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WAES Volunteer Event

 In December 2017 WAES held an event to thank all the hard-working volunteers that assist WAES tutors and learners throughout the year.


A number of our valuable volunteers were honored by our Head of Service and Principal; Arinola Edeh and Governors, Caroline Keen and Richard Frost who presented the volunteer awards.


Some of the reasons our volunteers gave for selflessly giving up their time was to share their skills and knowledge with others, that it was a rewarding experience, to give back to the community and WAES, and to help develop self-confidence and career prospects for adult learners.


Abir and Ryan share their volunteering experiences:

Abir Graoui - Graphic Design Volunteer

Abir completed a master in multimedia and was in the process of upgrading her skills through a WAES course when she was diagnosed with cancer and told that she would no longer able to work due to her illness.


After the initial shock of the diagnosis, she decided that she wanted to pass her knowledge on to those who will be able to benefit from it as she would not be able to utilise the skills she had spent so many years acquiring.


Abir says she wanted to help people complete their studies because so many learners have hidden struggles that are holding them back and stopping them from being able to progress. She says, "to be able to help these people overcome their struggles is the reason why I volunteer".

Ryan Osborne - LDD Volunteer

Ryan became a volunteer after completing his Level 1 Certificate in Health and Social Care. After completing his studies Ryan decided that he wanted to give something back. He particularly wanted to work with the LDD (Learning Difficulties and Disabilities) departments as several of his family members suffer from learning difficulties so he wanted to help in that area. Ryan says that he really enjoys his time at WAES and he feels at home on campus where he knows everyone and is able to make a difference.


If you are interested in volunteering complete a WAES volunteer form and email it to 


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