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You said, we did! Improving our service to you

In February 2016 we invited all our current learners to attend a forum and provide us with comments and feedback on our service to you.

More than 40 learners attended these 'Meet the managers' public forums, held at our WAES Pimlico and Lisson Grove centres.

We wanted to share that feedback with you, and to let you know what we're going to do with it.



Things that you found to be good:

  • Free courses
  • Excellent teaching
  • Knowledge and enthusiasm of tutors
  • Patience of the tutors
  • Course progression and achievement
  • Fabulous facilities - light and airy, clean and tidy classrooms
  • Fantastic learning centres
  • Disabled parking and lift in Pimlico library
  • Customer service
  • Not many people loitering around campuses, feels safe
  • Management is good
  • Support for those who are behind in class
  • The volunteers are fantastic
  • Seating for lunch
  • E-mails from WAES are useful
  • These meet the manager forums
  • The introduction of IDs for everyone to feel safe


Questions, suggestions and things you'd like us to improve

We received many comments and suggestions at the forums. Here are just a selection of them, together with our responses to let you know what we're going to do.


"There are no coffee or tea facilities at Pimlico centre"

We are currently looking at the options. A local business has already shown interest in renting the area to provide refreshments.

"Only some learners have been given a WAES learner ID card"

We are currently in the process of issuing identification cards to all WAES learners at our centres. Learners, just like staff, will be asked to wear their identification when on the premises.

"I had an enrolment letter but no welcome e-mail or reminder of the course starting which would have been useful"

We are working to improve our e-mail communications with learners, which will include course reminders and useful information connected to your study.

"We didn't know that learning centres were available to use"

We are seeking to improve how we can let our learners know about the benefits of being a WAES learner such as free use of computers, learning centres, careers advice.

"There aren't enough foreign language classes"

Although these were planned to run, unfortunately there was not enough interest to run a full class. We are currently planning courses that will run from September 2016 and we may consider running foreign languages classes.

"I attended an IT course in a community venue and many of the laptops weren't working"

We investigated this incident. On this occasion we weren't involved with the maintenance of the computer equipment. However, we realise that the IT equipment at our community venues is important. We have spoken to the venue to see if we can assist with their IT needs.

"The classroom at Pimlico centre was too small for 22 learners"

The demand for this course was greater than we anticipated. The timetable is being reviewed to ensure that classes are allocated to suitable rooms.

"Please can you put on more IT courses"

We are trialling online IT online courses later this year, and if they are successful we will put more on.

"Printing from the Apple Macs doesn't seem to work"

We have investigated this and corrected the problem so that Mac users are able to print.

"There are no English Writing courses at Level 2"

We are currently planning courses that will run from September 2016. We plan to offer a full level 2 course.

"Why aren't there any sanctions for poor attendance?"

WAES has its own targets to ensure that learners attend classes. Learners who don't attend regularly are less likely to pass their course and progress to the following stages. The attendance policy will be implemented by all staff in all classes. Speak to your tutor if you have any questions.

"Can we have a bigger learning centre at Lisson Grove with more PCs?"

Currently we don't have additional space to extend or expand our three learning centre facilities. However, during busy times (generally from mid-morning until early afternoon) there are restrictions on how long learners can use the computers for, to allow other uses access. The learning centres are less busy first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon, so learners might like to consider using the facilities at quieter times.

"Please can we have information about accessing WAES e-mail"

This year, for the first time, all learners have access to their own WAES e-mail address which is their learner number e.g. We are seeking to improve the communication we give our learners on how they can log in and out of their e-mail account and take advantage of the benefits associated with it, including free use of Microsoft Office 365. In the meantime we will liaise with learners via the personal e-mail address you provide us with at the time of enrolment.


Thank you again to all of those learners who took time to feed back their comments and suggestions.

We will be hosting 'Meet the manager' forums each term, so check your e-mail and centre posters for future forums.

For more information e-mail 020 7297 7297 or e-mail


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