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Learner Spotlight – Make Up and Hair (L3), March 2021

Ahead of International Women’s Day, 8 March, we sat down with Jacy Garland, a 33-year-old Media Make-Up & Hairdressing learner who came back to studying after a 10-year career in hairdressing.

Fitting her studying around having two young children at home, Jacy’s determination to chase her dream career and the success she has achieved in a short period of time is inspiring.

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Hi Jacy! Tell us about why you chose to study Media, Make-up and Hair.

“Most of my working life has been within hairdressing and then I had my two children, so I took a break. I lost a bit of confidence in becoming a new mum and not being on the salon shop floor. When I saw this course was Media, Hair and Make-up, that was really attractive for me because it meant I could refine my hair skills whilst adding make-up which I really enjoy. It was brilliant adding a new skill and refining an old skill.”

Credits: Jacy Garland & model, @lauritasupermodel

How do you find fitting your studying around having two children?

“It was difficult leaving the baby and coming along but I did my L3 Hair course years ago whilst pregnant and I went back to re-do my Maths & English GCSES whilst pregnant with my second child and you just adapt – you do what you have to do and work around it.

It’s nice to do the courses whilst the children are young so that when they are both in full time school, I can go straight into a full-time job. At the moment with everything being so uncertain, I think education and learning new skills is really important because you can’t do anything else!”

What were you doing before you started this course?

“Before I started this course, I had gone back to college to do my English and Maths GSCE. While I was doing that, I studied AAT accountancy L2. I tried [accountancy] out but realistically, I wasn’t ready to sit down and be quiet in an office environment. I still had loads of passion to be creative. When I found this course, I was so happy that I could combine the two, the hair and make-up.

AAT accountancy wasn’t a waste – if I ever want my own business, or for some job roles, they want people with hair & make up experience and knowledge of accounts, so it goes hand in hand.”

Why did you choose WAES?

“It looked like the perfect college for me and the fact that it was adults made it really nice. When you’re older, and especially being a mum, it does feel a bit strange going into college with a load of teenagers so it’s nice having adults. We crack on with our work, get it done and have a nice environment. I can’t fault the college, it’s been really good.”

Tell us about what you study on the course and what you particularly enjoy.

“We’ve gone through special effects make up which was fantastic but wasn’t my favourite at first. My style is very glittery-crazy-pretty, and special effects is beaten up, gory, bloody –but I grew to love it and really enjoy it. It would set you up perfectly to have all the basics and knowledge feel competent for film work.

Then we moved on to photographic make-up which is probably my favourite. I wanted to learn all the techniques and how I could make someone look totally flawless.

Next, we’re on to body art but on the body compared to the face is totally different. We’re using paint rather than make up, and different brushes.”

You volunteered for the London Pacific Fashion week with WAES – how did you get involved in that?

“Our tutor came into class and said, “there’s a fashion show and they need make-up artists.” and I thought there is no better way in this industry than throwing yourself in at the deep end, so I threw myself in!

WAES had been working for a few years with London Pacific, and they always used [learners] for hair and make-up. It was so nice to watch the models come down the catwalk and see your makeup come to life. It made me think, this is what I want to do, and this is the industry I want to be in.

I have done about 40 shoots in total now and I can thank the college for making me realise that I do have the determination to do this. The London Pacific Fashion Show gave me the confidence to start reaching out to creatives and other voluntary work.”

Credits: London Pacific Fashion Week, Photography by Steve Lily Photography, Make-up by Jacy Garland, Models @lauritasupermodel @alicetcherno, Sept 2020

Tell us about the fashion shoots you do with Pierre Garroudi.

“The models get dressed up in lots of bold, Avant-Gard design, and you then apply make-up. Then we go along to a train station and around 30 photographers will be waiting. You get the [photos] to fill up your portfolio which is amazing.

The designs are crazy and the makeup is crazy to go with it. Pierre gives the make-up artists the free run to come and try out whatever you like, it doesn’t matter what level you’re at. This is a fantastic stepping -stone that I’ve suggested to all the other make-up artists.”

A Moevir Magazine February 2021 The credits would be Designer @pierregarroudi Photographer Make-Up Artist – Jacy Garland Model @lauritasupermodel

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

“I’d probably my biggest achievement so far was being on the front page of the Telegraph – that was brilliant!”

Credits: The Sunday Telegraph, 3 January 2021 – Designer: Pierre Garroudi, Make-Up Artist: Jacy Garland, Photographer: Pietro Recchia

What do you aim to do when you have finished your course?

“I’m still at that stage where I love so many aspects, that I’d like to try lots of things. I’d like to try out TV, film theatre and see where it takes me.

Also, I’ve always wanted to be a tutor or an assessor. That would be great if I could do that part time and then freelance and do beauty or fashion editorials, or work on films.”

If you could give any advice to someone thinking about studying Hair & Make-up, what would you say?

“I would say in these uncertain times go and chase your dreams. Any course you want to do, go for it. With Hair and Make-Up there is always going to be jobs in that area. If you’re passionate and creative, then definitely go for it and go to WAES because its brilliant.

With makeup I’m only a year and a half into my course but if you look at my portfolio, it hasn’t taken long at all to pick up. I’m not even at the end of L3 yet and I’m already doing jobs for big companies. So, anyone that wants to do it should do it!”

Jacy was nominated for this Learner Spotlight by her tutor, Louise Hoare, who said:

“Jacy has achieved so much in and out of college in her chosen career path of Make-up and Hair. Her attitude to learning is inspiring for others as she is so enthusiastic.”

You can find out more about our Media, Make-Up and Hair courses. To hear more from Jacy, watch the interview video below.

You can see more of Jacy’s work on her Instagram profile: @hair_makeup_by_jacy