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Art and Fashion Interim Show : Noir et Blanc

Step into the world of artistic expression and creativity with the “Noir et Blanc” Art interim show, a stunning display of the talent and innovation of students from Level 2 and 3 UAL Diplomas. Located on the second floor near the cookery room, this exhibit offers a captivating glimpse into the artistic journey of these budding designers and artists, running until the end of May. 

Alongside “Noir et Blanc” is the Fashion Show which is more than just a collection of artwork and designs; it’s a testament to the creative development processes undertaken by the students across different levels. From conceptualisation to execution, each piece on display showcases the dedication, skill, and unique vision of its creator. It’s a celebration of their ability to transform ideas into tangible forms of art, navigating through challenges and triumphs along the way.

It gives prospective students as well as current students and colleagues in other subject areas a snapshot of what to expect on the course and an insight into the world of creative fashion design. 

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