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Four Learners Advance to Next Round of WorldSkills UK Competition

We are thrilled to announce that four of our learners have advanced to the next round of the WorldSkills UK competition. This significant achievement highlights their remarkable skills and dedication in the field of commercial makeup placing them among the top contenders nationally.

The four learners selected to represent our college have demonstrated outstanding artistic abilities and a keen eye for commercial make-up. Their journey to this stage has been marked by hard work, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

“I’m very excited and surprised to have made it to the next round of the WorldSkills UK competition, especially as I’m only in my second year at WAES. This really shows how much I’ve improved in just one year! For my entry submission, I chose Cleopatra as my commercial makeup character, recreating her iconic eye makeup in a modern way to signify women empowerment. My tutor Louise provided invaluable guidance on approaching this competition, and I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved.” – Mariem Belkyal, Level 2 Diploma in Media Make-up

“Taking part and being selected for the second stage of WorldSkills UK competition is a thrilling milestone in my journey. Currently, I’m working on refining my skills and perfecting my techniques. My inspiration for the make-up look I created originated from a blend of modern art and classic beauty, aiming to push creative boundaries while honoring timeless elegance. This opportunity came about through dedication and support of my tutor, who recognised my passion and potential. Being part of this competition is not just an honour but a stepping stone towards achieving my dreams in the beauty industry.” – Momina Kidwai, Level 3 Diploma in Media Make-up

“Getting through to the next round has been a real boost, it’s a vote of confidence in all the hard work I’m putting in. I have always had a keen interest in beauty and make-up, which is why I’ve set up Coco Skincare in my home city of Kigali, Rwanda. For this competition I focused on make-up during the early 1980s. I took particular inspiration from Naomi Campbell. I think there is something of a 1980s revival in the UK and this is confirmed by Naomi’s forthcoming exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I wanted to tap into this revival. I can’t thank WAES and my tutor Louise enough for giving me the opportunities that they have – it’s been a real boon to my confidence and skills.” – Claudine Uwamahoro, Level 2 Diploma in Media Make-up

“In the darkness of abuse, you may feel like you have to hide your strength. But remember, your light shines brightest when you embrace your power to survive.” – Joanna Campbell, Level 3 Diploma in Media Make-up

In the upcoming round in June, our learners will use feedback from WorldSkills UK on their entry-level submissions to recreate an improved version of their original makeup designs. This will test their creativity, technical skills, and ability to work under pressure.

The success of our learners in the WorldSkills UK competition is a testament to their talent and the quality of education and training provided by our college. We believe that this experience will not only enhance their skills but also open up career opportunities in the future. As they advance in the competition, we encourage the entire community to rally behind them and cheer for their success.

Congratulations to Meriam, Momina, Joanna, and Claudine! We wish them the very best in the next round of the WorldSkills UK competition and look forward to celebrating their future accomplishments.

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