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Green Live Learning Lab Celebration

On Wednesday 19 June we were pleased to hold a celebration event for the pilot phase of the Green Live Learning Lab, at the Westbourne Park Baptist Church, a community venue near our Amberley Road centre. The event brought together learners and technical experts who had participated in the project, along with interested professionals from the sustainability sector from across London and the south-east, including the MCS Foundation who sponsored the project.

The event kicked off with speeches from various stakeholders, including Westminster City Council‘s Jenny Harris, who co-wrote the original project bid, as well as Juliette Collier, a National Director of Campaign for Learning, a dissemination partner for the project. These emphasised the importance of engaging local communities and families in the green economic transition.

The heart of the event was the presentation of certificates to celebrate 30 participants from the first year of the project, handed over by Cllr Geoff Barraclough. The participants were drawn from a range of WAES classes, including ESOL and maths, as well as Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning, and had got involved in hands-on sessions and trips to see green technology in action. They had also shared their own experiences and worked to co-create a set of teaching materials that can be used for similar projects elsewhere in Westminster, Greater London and beyond.

Sabirah Ali, Head of Community and Cultural Learning at WAES, closed the main proceedings, and then attendees had the chance to network and learn more, or exchange experiences about the project. They were also able to look through the finished design of the co-created teaching resources, and speak to the other stakeholders and the education professionals about their development and use. These teaching materials will be available to access from early July via Campaign for Learning, so other local authorities, training providers and community organisations can replicate aspects of the project and adapt it for their own area’s specific needs.

The event was very enjoyable, and marked a milestone in the progress of the Green Live Learning Lab, which is now into its second year – more sessions are planned for autumn 2024 and early spring 2025, focused around informing Westminster residents about low-carbon technology and renewable energy initiatives.