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Mr Leonardo Carmagnani

Learner Governor

WAES Learner Leonardo Sampaio CArmagnani

Leonardo is a learner governor who was elected in 2023.  He has been studying at WAES since 2019.  He is a customer service attendant and also works in the accounting area to support his community.  He became a governor as he was involved in education in his home country, where he realised that education is the most effective way to change lives.  Many people think that they cannot learn a new language or a different profession as they get older, but he believes that is why adult education does such an important job.  At WAES, he is studying to improve his English skills and plans to restart his career by studying accounting.

Leonardo brings a range of skills and experiences to the role of learner governor, including a volunteer job with children and adults with special needs in his home country, where he enhanced his perspective on the importance of equality and inclusion.  In addition, the experience of living in many countries allowed him to learn about different cultures, where he could live with people from different backgrounds and beliefs.  Professionally, he worked in administration and business management, marketing and international trading.

His other interests include activities relating to sports and mental health.

WAES Learner Leonardo Sampaio CArmagnani