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How to access online learning

In order to access Microsoft Teams, you need to first log in to your WAES Learner Hub account.

How to log in to the Learner Hub

Visit will be asked to log in, as shown in the image:


Your login name is your student email address. Next you will be asked for your password. Your login information is given to you at enrolment if you are a new learner. If you are returning to WAES, your login information is the same as last year's.



On successful login, you will land on our WAES SharePoint homepage.



Log in to your Teams meeting

Now that you have logged in to your WAES Learner Hub account, you access Teams by following the steps:

Access Teams

From SharePoint, click on the 'App Launcher', which is in the top left hand corner of the page, illustrated as a small grid of 9 tiles.



When you click on App Launcher, it will open up a side-bar showing all the apps available for you to use. As you can see, you can access all the Microsoft products, including your WAES emails and Word and other software.



Click on 'Teams' and you will be redirected to your Teams homepage.

On Mobile:

On your phone, you will need to download Microsoft Teams from either the App Store (Apple ios) or Google Play Store (Android)

Once downloaded, you will need to click 'Signin' and go through the log in process that was outlined above (use your WAES email address and the password you were given at induction).


Further Teams Instructions

We have created an easy-to-follow PDF guide for using Teams.

You can also access all the information you need in the Induction Section of the Learner Portal, under WAES to be Digital.




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